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Be prepared for a verbal bully

Ask Bryn

Bryn ConnorI have had enough of this really mean girl at school. She waits until everyone is around and then she insults me and everyone laughs at me. What should I do to get her back?  I am tired of being laughed at.

Georgia, USA

One thing that you can do is be prepared for a verbal bully. Go through the site and pick a few good comebacks that are appropriate for your situation and that you feel comfortable saying. Practice using the comebacks, and then get a relative or close friend to test you on your response and delivery.

Bullies often pick targets who they know will not respond. If you are quick witted, and say something funny, the bully may move on to another target.

If the bullying persists, or starts to get out of control,  keep a record of the events and then report the situation to your school or your employer.

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3 Responses

  1. Hi there is a bunch of kids at my school and they all made fun of my friend with a speech difficulty and now he’s gotten mean and will never be quite please help it is getting out of hand and I want to say something that will shut him up.Thank you.

    1. I have a few!
      1. If i had a nickle for everytime you talked I would be a billionare!
      2. If Someone were to pick a slow painful death over a gun or you, you would win.

    2. Hi JPacey,

      You are a very kind to stand up for your friend. If things get out of control and they keep bothering your friend, tell a trusted adult who can help you with the situation.

      You can start with these comebacks which are not too aggressive.

      1) Where’s your off button?
      2) It would be nice if your mouth had a snooze button.
      3) You have the rest of your life to be a jerk, why not take today off.

      The comebacks below should work as well.



      Good luck,


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