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Snappycomebacks to rude parenting questions

READ and VOTE on the best parenting comebacks

Below are some of the most common offensive comments that people make to parents. We have some fun comebacks for the know it all, who corners you at a party, or accosts you at the grocery store with a rude personal personal parenting remark or question. Have fun reading our snappy comebacks for rude adoption questions, funny answers for large families and even some amusing answers for the parents of teenagers.

Help us by voting for what you think its the best comeback to some of the rude parenting remarks below.

Rude Parenting Questions

What do stay at home moms do all day?
Do your kids have the same father?
Are you her Grandma?(to an older mother)

Only Children

Aren’t you having a second child?

Rude Adoption Questions

Are they really brothers?
How much did your kid cost?
Does it bother you that the adopted child won’t be of your own?
Why didn’t you adopt white babies?

Does she know she’s adopted?
Where is her real mom?

Silly Twin Questions

Are they twins?
Did you have IVF treatments?
Are your twins natural?
Do twins run in your family?
How do you tell your twins apart?





Large Families Comeback

Are those children all yours?
Are you done having children? (large families)
You have too many children
You must be rich having all those kids!
You must have your hands full

Home Schooling Comebacks

Why do you home school?

Single Moms

So, you’re a single mom?

Fun comebacks for the parents of Teenagers

Mom, buy me this for me!
Why don’t you like my friend?
Mom, you’re a bad mother!
I’ll do it tomorrow
Life is not fair!

Fun Comebacks For Mama

This house is a mess!
What’s for dinner?
Mom, you were right!
You need to stop shopping
Mom, I can’t find my…
You’re such a nag
Mom, you’re being mean!



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