Are you going to lose the baby weight?

A woman returns to work after a 3 month maternity leave. A coworker asks, “Do you plan to lose the baby weight?” Timeka replies, ” I got rid of my baby weight when I gave birth……this is all mine!”

I think I was adopted too

A mother introduces her two sons to a friend, ” Jane I think you have met Ethan before who is homemade, and this is my adopted son Enrique.” Ethan responds, “I must have been adopted too, because I couldn’t possibly be related to this family! ha ha ha!” His mother answers, ” No dear, you’re not adopted, when you adopt the parents have a choice! ha ha!”

Pregnant at your age?

Coworkers find out that a forty year old woman they work with is pregnant. One of the woman says, “Isn’t it hard to have a baby at YOUR age?” The pregnant lady responds, “Isn’t it hard to have a baby at any age?”

Are you pregnant yet?

A nosy woman asks her neighbor if she is pregnant yet. The woman who has been trying to get pregnant for two years responds, “No, I think my husband might be sterile. Do you think I could borrow your husband to check? Your husband might make a great sperm donor!”

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