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Great comebacks when people get mad that you’re late

Funny replies when people complain that you're late

Are you one of those people who is always late, driving other people around you crazy? Here are some fun answers for your exasperated girlfriend, your mother or a coworker when they complain, ”You are always late!”

Sometimes we can’t help but be late for events, after all, it takes time to look this good! In some cases, it’s better to arrive fashionably late than to arrive a hot mess.

In this world, many of us are expected to look well-dressed and ready for the day, but to do that takes time. When we’re late, many judge us for being late, yet they would judge us all the same if we showed up messy and disheveled.

I heard about a bride that was so stressed on her wedding day and she took ages to great ready. This eventually accumulated into her showing up late at the altar once most of the guests had already left, and the groom ended up breaking up with her over it. Isn’t that just crazy?


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Bottom line, it’s not the end of the world if you’re late for events (except your wedding) and so people shouldn’t treat it like it is. In the event that you’re late for something, try using one of our comebacks down below

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This is the earliest I've ever been late!
You're like a plunger, you like bringing up old shit.
It's better to arrive late than to arrive ugly.
Sorry I'm late...I had a dream about you and it kept me in bed longer than I wanted.

When people complain that you are ALWAYS LATE

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When people complain that you're ALWAYS LATE

Got any comments, questions or tips for when someone complains you’re late. Share them in the comments below.


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17 Responses

  1. If you in school like me, and you walk in late to a class, just say “I’m not late the bell rung early”
    Works every time and makes others laugh?

  2. Person: You’re late.
    Me: Sorry to criticize but you’re forgetting a very important word in that sentence.
    Person: What?
    Me: You forgot the word fashionably. I’m fashionably late. There’s a difference.

    i’m always fashionably late haha

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