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You said I look like what?

READ and VOTE on the best comebacks when somebody slams your appearance

Nobody wants to be insulted about their looks, even worse, insulted in public. Below are some of the most common put downs people will say about your physical appearance. We have great snappy comebacks about the human package, body, booty, style, and snappy responses when someone slams appearances.

Help us by voting for what you think its the best comeback to the rude comments below.

You’re so pale
You’re funny looking
You are so ugly
Why don’t you smile more?
You look tired
You’re so conceited


You’re so tall
You’re so short


Are your boobs real or fake?
You sure are flat chested
Would you consider having a boob-job?



You are so fat
When is your baby due? (woman is not pregnant)
You need to lose weight
You’re so skinny
Do you work out?


How old are you?


You have a big butt

How do I look?

Do I look hot?
Do I look fat?
Does this look t tight?




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