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What to say when someone calls you ugly

comebacks if you are called ugly

When someone calls you ugly in public, it can be so humiliating that you may be at a loss for words. We are all sensitive about our appearance, and it can be devastating to have someone insult your looks, especially in public. It’s even more horrifying when the person making a dig about the way you look is a supposed friend or a relative.

Just because someone says something about you doesn’t mean it’s true. You could be the most beautiful woman in the world, and some online troll would still spout off that you’re ugly.

Gisele Bündchen was bullied for being tall and gangly and for having pouty lips, and she’s an absolute stunner. Giselle was criticized for being different because she stuck out from the crowd. No doubt some of her mean-spirited haters suffered from jealousy.


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All over the world, people have different ideas of what’s attractive and what’s not. Sure, it can be challenging if the idea of beauty where you live is blonde hair and blue eyes and you don’t fit that mold. Luckily, the world is starting to appreciate different looks. Kate Moss was considered the ideal beauty in the 1990s, and in our current times, people appreciate a curvier figure like Kim Kardashian.

I always think you must be a pretty ugly person on the inside to have the nerve to call another person ugly on the outside.

When someone insults you, it is about power, not about you. If you choose to use one of the comebacks below, you can take your power back and let them know you are not to be messed with.

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A pretty face is nothing if you have an ugly heart.
Too bad you can't Photoshop your ugly personality.
Maybe some of you girls should eat make-up, so you are pretty on the inside.
Please, my straightener is hotter than you.
I'm sure that 90% of your “beauty” could be removed with a Kleenex.

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Jessie J was bullied for her looks in school

Jessie J

By GigPictures, Wikipedia

If you think you had it bad, Jessie J  was bullied when she was a teenager because the medication she took turned her skin green.  The singer was diagnosed with a heart defect as a child and suffered a minor stroke when she was 18.

Jessie J’s album called,  Who’s Laughing Now is about overcoming the kids who bullied her and made fun of the way she looked as a teen.

In a BBC Radio 1 interview, she shared that her strong heart medication”didn’t work” and gave her an “alien tint”.

I had really big teeth, a big fringe. I was just uncomfortable in my skin. I wasn’t the pretty kid, I was the awkward one that didn’t know who I fitted in with.

The only place where I could escape was my dreams. I would enjoy going to sleep because I could dream about something that I wasn’t living.

I remember when I first became established and I received Facebook messages from girls who used to throw stones at my head as I walked home from school. It just made me go, ‘Who’s laughing now?’

It sparked a real emotion that I know hundreds of thousands of millions of children around the world are going through.



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Famous designer calls Selena Gomez ugly

Selena Gomez was bullied on Instagram and called ugly
Selena Gomez via Wikipedia

Selena Gomez is one of the most beautiful women in the world, most of us wouldn’t mind looking as good as she does.

World famous designer Stefano Gabbana, who designs for Dolce & Gabbana, said, “È proprio brutta!” which translates to from Italian to “she’s really ugly!” He then went on to agree with a comment that she looks like a Pomeranian dog. If he thinks that Selena looks bad what hope is there for the rest of us?

He has been known to verbally bully other celebrities like Miley Cyrus on Instagram.

If someone insults the way you look, try not to take it personally because even the best looking women in the world get slammed for their looks.

Just because someone says something about you, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Selena Gomez created Thirteen Reasons Why to show the affect bullying can have on people. Stefano Gabbana should watch the show.

See his nasty Instagram comments below.

Famous designer called Selina Gomez Ugly on Instagram

Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing for dealing with someone who calls you ugly? Share them in the comments below.


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103 Responses

    1. Nah, if someone calls me ugly, I invented this roast ” Well your face broke 12 mirrors so I ain’t ugly ” it works pretty well too 🙂

    2. You should say “you are but what am I?”
      Or “sorry I’m not a mirror”
      Or “at least I don’t look like you”

  1. If I’m ugly we must be twins!

    Say excuse me, you have a little bit of face on your make up there. hahaha!!

    1. All you gotta do is keep all calm and say: “Bitch please. The donkey from Shrek is wayy more attractive than your ugly ass self.”

  2. Lmao like all the comebacks, its good to say this too: At least i’m not mental enough talking to a mirror. Lol this was inspired by someone in the comments. (you should know yourselves) ;]

  3. what do you say to someone who says that u look like a fish even though she must have something wrong with her eyes coz she looks like one, not me

    1. I would tell the biotch it is a actually pretty easy not to be a shitty human being.Try it sometime.

  4. if someone calls you ugly say” i dont need your negative OPINIONS, just cause your ugly doesn’t mean you got to go cry about it to someone else”

  5. if someone else calls you ugly say” obviously you haven’t been looking in the mirrior” then laugh. And if they pause for a moment and then they say ”your so ugly that blah blah” say wow how long did it take you to come up with that one” then just laugh with your friends and walk away.

  6. For all the mean girls who think they’re so great.

    All the manicure, makeup and clothes can’t change what an ugly person you really are!

  7. I love them all!!! I think you did a good job creating this website it gives people the confidence to stand up for themselves. Good job

  8. Insulter : You are so ugly!
    Comeback ( us ) : have you seen the mirror lately cuz u ar beyond ugly! Too bad you can’t photoshop your face cuz the computer thinks your ugly face can’t be fixed anymore!!


  9. Idiot: Have you ever tried looking in a mirror?

    You: Yeah, I tried but you’ve already cracked them all so it would difficult

    (I tried this and it left him list for words XD)

  10. Well at least I’m pretty on the inside. Maybe if you eat all that makeup instead of piling it on your face, maybe you can be too. That would be such an improvement.

  11. oh ok well wow thank you.. i feel so special ..that you took time out of your day to put so much effort into telling me how ugly i am….. Obviously my uglyness cant be that bad..your still staring at me with a gleam in your eyes not a glare :).<

  12. If someone calls you ugly , reply saying , please , its just ur refection ,oh wait…u don’t have one bc u always break ur mirror.

  13. I have a good one when someone says your ugly you could reply ” OH sorry I just wanted to look like you today”

    1. OMG!! Okay talk about me all you want, but have YOU looked in the mirror recently?(if they say yes then say) oh well you you missed “a spot”

  14. If someone calls you ugly say: I just noticed that awesome ends with “me” and ugly begins with “u”

    1. OHHH SHITT!!???I like that one..i’m going to use it because a boy in my class tells me that i’m ugly every single day butt thank you…A BKY IN MY CLASS WOULD SAY OHH SHIT??

  15. You ugly
    Me:look who’s talking have u ever looked in mirror
    Or if I’m ugly then your my twin because u look ugly too

  16. Here’s two that I made up:
    1. Great! I was trying to look like you today.

    2. Nope, I think your looking in a mirror.

  17. Um, can all you rats stop making a fuss over nothing? Please don’t tell someone to repeat 3rd grade because of making a few spelling mistakes. Not everyone Is perfect, I’m pretty sure you people have spelt atleast 1 word Incorrectly some point In your life so how about you do me a favour, stop being so immature and simply SHUT your mouth.

  18. Or you can say “Oh really? Because I tried to make my face ugly this morning just so it can match your face and it looks like I did a pretty good job.”

  19. if some idiot is really roasting u bad sometimes it’s good when u just say “I know riiiight” because then what’s the point of trying annoying someone who isn’t getting annoyed. then if they start hitting at people around u who u value then start coming with the comebacks on their behalf cuz u can’t stand and watch them hurt other ppl cuz of u. if they start getting really personal on u though use short and snappy comebacks to make them leave u alone.

  20. Bully: man you are one ugly ass bit**
    Me: im sorry you have to insult me to make yourself fell better about your own look because of all the mirrors you’ve broken so far.

  21. Guys what about when someone says your ugly just say that’s not what York man said last night or if they are single say thats not what your crush said last night or said the zoo called the monkeys miss you you should go back

  22. I’m not a mirror and pls get your eyes checked cause I pity that u can’t even see who actually those words are meant for.

  23. Person: You ugly

    Me: no, no, I think you are a little confused. Ugly starts with U, Awesome ends with ME.

    1. I love that one! Here is another to say if they say it behind your back:
      Bully: Omg he/she is So ugly
      You: Does my back look like a voicemail to you? How about you just say it to my face?
      Then walk away…

  24. OMG if someone calls you ugly say this “your so ugly when you look in the mirror your reflection looks away.” It really works!!!

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