Hi, I’m Bryn and I created this site to help people who are getting verbally bullied to find the right words in difficult situations. 

Have you ever had someone say a silly or nasty comment to you, and at the time you can’t come up with a good comeback? You are so shocked by what they said that you are rendered speechless. Later on, you replay the silly comment in your head, tell your friends all about it, and you stew about what you should have said. This happens to most of us, and can put us off-kilter, out of sorts and shaken! A rare few are blessed with quick wit and can come up with quick answers off the top of their head, for the rest of us, I created the “I should have said” site where you can vote for the best snappy comeback from multiple answers.

Why I created the I Should Have Said Web Site

I was verbally attacked for no reason in public at the planetarium in front of 20 families, including my own two children. I didn’t have my wedding ring on and a man was yelling at me, “I can see why your husband left you.“ It was one of the most embarrassing and mortifying moments of my life! I kept thinking for two weeks, “I should have said….,“ and then I got the idea for the website.

Do comebacks actually work?

Every day I receive emails from people saying that the bullying has stopped in their lives after using the comebacks for verbal self-defense. A lot of people are bullied by their families, rude adults, mean kids and they are shamed about their appearance or any weakness they may have. If you are being bullied our bundle Verbal Self Defense Made Easy can help you out.

A lot of decent people are shamed by verbal bullies and I wanted to empower people and help them stand up for themselves. Usually, people pick on someone who won’t respond. When someone responds they move to another target.

This site is not for bullies, it is for verbal self-defense to give people the words to protect themselves.


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About me, personally

I live with my husband and my two amazing kids in Canada. I  enjoy kayaking, paddle boarding and spending time in nature.

I was a long haul flight attendant and I have lived in Australia, the UK and the Middle East.

I have always been a very creative person, when I was a kid I used to enjoy making magazines for fun. Now I run two blogs. My second blog is bullyproofyourchildprogram.com.

Check out the Q & A with Bryn to find out more.

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