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What to say if you are called a Karen

How to respond if you are called a Karen

Being called a Karen can be hurtful and derogatory, but it’s important to remember that it’s not a reflection of your true character.

Urban dictionary describes a Karen as:

A Karen, is a pejorative term used for any 29 – 55 year old middle to upper-middle class white woman. A Karen will go out of her way to impose their belief structures on any unwitting or unsuspecting individual, once broken off from their pack and cornered a Karen will publicly berate the victim, possibly involving an authority figure if the victim is of minority descent.

How to respond if you are being called a Karen

Affluent woman are often called Karens
  1. Stay calm and composed: Responding with anger or aggression will only escalate the situation. Take a deep breath and remain calm.
  2. Ask for clarification: If you don’t understand why you’re being called a Karen, calmly ask the person to explain why they’re using that term.
  3. Express your feelings: Let the person know how their words are making you feel. Use “I” statements to express your emotions without attacking them. For example, “I feel hurt when you call me a Karen because it feels like you’re attacking my character.”
  4. Acknowledge any mistakes you may have made: If the person is calling you a Karen because of something you did, acknowledge your mistake and apologize if necessary.
  5. Redirect the conversation: If the person is being unreasonable or refuses to listen, it may be best to disengage from the conversation and move on.


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17 clever things to say if you are being called a Karen

I have chosen these things to say because you want to respond in a calm and respectful manner because you never know if you are being filmed and someone is going to share it in the news or social media. You don’t want to have your photo on the front page of the news!

  1. Do you always call people with a different point of view names?
  2. Putting someone down with name calling says more about you than me.
  3. You seem to be having a very bad day. I hope it gets better soon.
  4. 1.      Why do you feel that was necessary, and do you really expect me to answer?
  5. Do you call everyone who disagrees with you a Karen?
  6. This conversation is now over.
  7. Wow, that was hurtful.
  8. Did you mean to be unkind?
  9. I’m whatever you want me to be, dear.
  10. 5.    Did you mean to be rude? If so, you’re doing an excellent job.
  11. 6.    If I agreed with you then we’d both be wrong.
  12. I don’t expect you to agree with everything I say. All I ask is that you treat me as respectfully as I treat you.
  13. Different people have different opinions and it is OK to respect them all.
  14. Just because someone has a different opinion from you doesn’t mean you have to scream at them and tell them they’re wrong.
  15. Wow, what a performance! The Academy award goes to ….
  16. Putting someone down with a name reveals your own low self esteem.
  17. Your misguided opinion is false but cute.

Calm & polite theater goers are called Karens by obnoxious millennials

17 clever things to say if you are being called a Karen

A group of millennial theater goers showed up ten minutes late for a musical and they disrupted the show going to their seats

Once they were seated, they started using their phones in the dark theater and chatting amongst themselves. Finally, a bunch of theater goers around them told them to “shush. The noisy millennials got really angry and started yelling, “You’re just a bunch of Karen’s.”

Anyone that didn’t condone their bad behavior they criticized and called a Karen.

Eventually, these millennials had to be escorted out of the theater because of their bad behavior.

But it’s just an example of, you know, calling anyone that doesn’t agree with you, or accepts your trashy behaviour.

Nowadays any middle aged white woman can be called a Karen. If you ask to speak to the manager, people will call you Karen. Even if you have a valid complaint, you run the risk of being called entitled, demanding and rude.

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Do you have any suggestions of what to say when a rude person calls you Karen in a derogatory way that you think others should know about? Leave it in the comments below.

What to say when someone is stressed out

what to say when a friend is stressed out
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Everyone experiences stress differently, and what may cause stress for one person may not for another. Understanding the underlying causes of stress can help people better manage it.

We will all experience stress during certain seasons of our lives.  People can experience stress for a number of reasons including work or school related pressure, such as deadlines, heavy workloads, or exams.

One major stressor is financial difficulties, including debt, bills, or loss of income. With major layoffs, jobs being outsourced, financial difficulties are a reality for many people.

Another reason is Relationship problems, including conflict with friends, family, or romantic partners.

If you want to support someone in your life going through a challenging situation, one of the best ways is to offer words of support and encouragement.

The top ten things to say to a stressed out person

What you need to say when someone is experiencing stress
  1. I want you to know that I am here for you, and I’m listening.
  2. The greatest weapon against stress is choosing one thought over another.
  3. What’s going on with you,  and how can I help?
  4. Tough times never last but tough people do.
  5. Let’s take a step back and breathe together.
  6. Sometimes the most productive thing to do is to relax.
  7. What do you need at this moment to feel better?
  8. Remember that you’ve handled tough situations in the past, and you’ll get through this one too.
  9. When your body is filled with stress and anxiety it is telling you that you need to make some changes.
  10. I believe in you and your abilities.


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How to support a stressed out person

what you can say to support a stressed out person

When someone is dealing with stress, It’s important to be empathetic, listen actively, and offer support without trying to solve their problems or minimize their feelings.

The duration of stress varies from person to person and can depend on various factors such as the cause of stress, the individual’s coping mechanisms, and their support system. 

For some people, stress may be short-lived and resolved quickly, while for others it may persist for a longer period and become chronic. Chronic stress can have negative effects on a person’s physical and mental health, so it’s important to address and manage it effectively.

Jonah Hill suffered from stress and anxiety attacks

Jonah Hill has experienced extreme stress and anxiety

In 2022, Jonah Hill took a step back from promoting films due to anxiety attacks. At the the time, he was promoting a mental health documentary called Stutz about his therapist. The therapist shares many valuable tools to deal with personal challenges and stress and challenging personal situations.

Celebrities often experience stress due to their high-profile lifestyles and constant exposure to the public eye. The pressure to maintain their image and handle criticism from the media and public can be overwhelming. Additionally, the lack of privacy and constant scrutiny of their personal lives can contribute to stress and anxiety.

It’s bad enough when friends or family members criticize you. Imagine the entire world judging every move that you make and commenting on it. I think that would be enough to cause anyone to be stressed out. No wonder Jonah Hill took a break from the spotlight for a while.

A Stressful Season of Life

going through a stressful season of life.

All of us are going to go through a stressful season of life at some point in time. Nobody gets off scott free or lives a completely carefree freelife. Truthfully, what would life be like without any challenges to help us grow as a person?

You have probably heard the saying Murphy’s law where everything goes wrong all at once. Well, It can be harder when several areas of your life blow up simultaneously, if you’re going through a break up and you’ve lost your job  at the same time. Obviously it’s going to be devastating. 

Normally people cope better when it’s only one area of their life that’s going haywire. When several things are going wrong it is a good time to reach out for professional help because it can be hard to deal with everything on your own.

It can be challenging to endure a difficult period that lasts a long time. It’s important to take care of yourself and seek support from friends, family, or a mental health professional if needed. Coping strategies such as mindfulness, exercise, and engaging in activities you enjoy can also help. Remember, tough times do eventually pass and it’s okay to reach out for help.

Bad times make us appreciate the good times even more

After overcoming a difficult time, it’s common to appreciate the good times even more. The contrast between the two experiences can make the positive moments seem even brighter and more precious.

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Do you have any suggestions of What to say when someone is stressed out that you think others should know about? Leave it in the comments below.

5 Powerful phrases for dealing with difficult people

Powerful phrases for dealing with difficult people

All of us have to deal with difficult people at some point in our lives. It could be your boss, sister in law or your child. 

It’s important to stay calm and respectful when dealing with difficult people, as this can help to defuse the situation and make it more likely that you will be able to find a resolution.

Dealing with difficult people can be challenging, but there are some phrases that may be helpful in managing the situation.

5 Useful phrases when dealing with difficult people

  1. “I understand how you feel.” This shows that you are empathetic and are trying to see things from their perspective.
  2. “Can you help me understand what you need?” This statement helps to clarify their position and can also help to diffuse tension.
  3. “I’m sorry if I’ve done something to upset you.” This can help to deescalate the situation and shows that you are willing to take responsibility for your actions.
  4. “Could we try to find a compromise?” This shows that you are willing to find a solution that works for both of you.
  5. “Let’s take a break and come back to this later.” Is a great phrase if things are getting heated, it can be helpful to take a break to cool down and come back to the discussion when you are both in a more level-headed state.


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Jenny’s family were tired of her difficult ways

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Jenny’s siblings had always found her difficult to deal with. She was the kind of person who would ruin a family  event and would get upset if she didn’t get her way. One year at Christmas, she sat in the corner  and refused to watch a holiday movie, a family tradition that had been going on for years.

The difficult behavior started when Jenny  was younger, but it continued as she got older and she didn’t seem to gain the maturity of her siblings. Jenny left her family wondering why she was so disagreeable and difficult to deal with?

If you are experiencing frustration dealing with a difficult person you can take advantage of the resources and support available to you. BetterHelp, an online counseling service, can match you with a therapist and then you can text, call or video conference with.  It can be helpful to talk to someone outside of your family to get an unbiased understanding of the situation.

Why do people behave in such a difficult way?

There are many reasons why people have difficult behavior. 

Some possible explanations are:

  1. They are experiencing negative emotions: People may act difficult if they are feeling stressed, angry, frustrated, or overwhelmed. These emotions can cause them to behave in ways that are challenging or confrontational.
  2. They feel threatened: People may act difficult if they feel that their needs or interests are being threatened. They may become defensive or combative in order to protect themselves.
  3. They have communication barriers: People may act difficult if they have difficulty expressing their needs or understanding others. This could be due to language barriers, cultural differences, or other communication challenges.
  4. They have past traumas: People may act difficult if they have experienced past traumas or have unresolved emotional issues. These experiences can affect their behavior and make them more prone to reacting negatively in certain situations.
  5. They have personality traits that make them challenging: Some people may have personality traits that make them more prone to acting difficult. For example, they may be naturally confrontational or have a tendency to be controlling or dominant.

It’s important to keep in mind that people may act difficult for a variety of reasons, and it can be helpful to try to understand the underlying causes of their behavior in order to find a resolution.

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Do you have any powerful phrases that people can use when dealing with difficult people that you think others should know about? Leave it in the comments below.

Don’t listen to what people say

Don’t listen to what people say

Don’t listen to what people say when it comes to opinions or advice about your life. People are always going to have an opinion about what you should be doing and how you should live your life.. It’s human nature, it’s not surprising that your mom, your sister, and your best friend have something to say about your situation. 

Some people shouldn’t be giving advice yet they do it anyway. And a lot of the time, you shouldn’t listen. 

Here’s a criteria to see if you should listen to what people say and determine if their advice is relevant. 

Has the person achieved the goal that you are trying to accomplish?

Don’t’ listen to what people say when they squash your dreams

You should never listen or take advice from a person who hasn’t achieved the goal that you are trying to achieve. It’s kind of like your broke neighbor telling you how you should invest your money in crypto currency. Do you think you should listen to your brooke neighbor or from Warren Buffett, who has made billions of dollars and has success everywhere he turns? You could listen to your neighbor, but it’s probably not going to work out too well for you. 

If you are looking for a mentor, find someone who is at least five steps ahead of you or has accomplished the goal. There are coaching programs out there for almost everything nowadays. I have a coach who has accomplished the goal I am working towards with my online business. I often find his advice hard to take, and painful but it helps me get closer to the result I am looking for. Without his honest feedback, it would take me a lot longer to get to the top of the mountain.


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Is the advice relevant for today’s world?

Don’t listen if the advice is not relevant today

Some folks from different generations like to tell others what they should be doing. News flash, the world has changed dramatically from twenty years ago. You should also not listen to advice that isn’t relative for today’s world. 

My mother is always giving her grandson advice, but it’s relevant to a world 30 years ago that doesn’t exist today. She wants him to go to university to study any random subject just to come out with a degree. Modern companies like Google no longer base hiring on a degree, they give potential employees tests to see if they are capable of doing the job.

Companies like Upwork test people on their platform to see how proficient people are at a skill that they are offering like coding. Customer reviews on these platforms is what gets contractors hired today. There are many different new skills that young people need to learn.

If my son followed Grandma’s advice he would graduate with plenty of debt but not a lot of opportunities. With jobs being outsourced all over the world we have try different approaches and even think about starting a business. 

I don’t personally think it’s the best advice for today’s world. And my son listens. And he says thank you, and he’s pursuing his own goals. And it makes her very angry that he is not actually doing what she suggests, but he’s following people from the modern world who have the result that he wants.

Does the person giving you advice have their own agenda?

Don’t listen if someone has a personal agenda

If someone is trying to sell you something or they have an agenda you have to consider whether they have your best interests at heart or their own. Maybe the person does care about you, and they’re able to help you but if they are going to benefit from you making a decision to join their coaching program or do whatever, take it with a pinch of salt.  If the person does have an agenda, it may be the best course of action for you.

Don’t listen to haters or negative people

There are naysayers out there that love to shoot down other people’s dreams. The unfortunate part is that it is often our closest relatives or friends who shoot down what’s most important to us. There will always be dream squashers. Life is short, do what you want to do! 

Not everyone is capable or experienced enough to give you great advice. And you shouldn’t just be blindly listening to people because it could put yourself at risk. And they might mean well, but it’s still not helpful.

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Do you have a tip for determining when not to listen to what people say that you think others should know about? Leave it in the comments below.

Do their actions reveal their bad intentions?

How to tell if someone has bad intentions

I am watching a mesmerizing show called Succession, where the parents are indifferent or have bad intentions toward their children. 

A lot of us have experienced bad intent in a relationship where somebody will say the right thing, but their actions convey something different.

What really matters is intentionality, which can be either

  1. Positive for someone 
  2. Neutral as in, I don’t really care what happens to you
  3. Firmly against someone


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As in a video game, there are non-playing characters who are neutral, and you kind of just ignore them as you go about your video game. 

There are characters that are allies who are with you, which would be a positive parent or friend.

And then your enemy is someone that’s against you. And if you do nothing to counteract it, you get blown out in the game. 

So similarly, in the game of life, if you pretend, that person is for you when they’re not, you can be left vulnerable and exposed. The worst thing is when you have someone in your inner circle who has negative intentions toward you.

In a video game, Instead of recognizing the bad intent and fighting the enemy with weapons, they’re basically just standing there and getting shot. Some of us feel like we are getting shot when someone makes a negative comment or continually crosses our boundaries.

bad intentions quote

5 traits of people with bad intentions

  1. People with bad intent  don’t care if their actions have a negative effect on other people’s lives.
  2. When a person has bad intent they try to get a rise out of you and push your buttons.
  3. People with bad intent try to triangulate and turn others against each other.
  4. People with bad intentions have an agenda when they meet someone for their own gain.
  5. A person with bad intentions doesn’t care if they hurt you.

Does anyone in your life act with bad intentions towards others?

So my question for you is do you have anyone who is acting with bad intentions towards you? Just be aware and observe them the next time you are around them and see if you can put the person in one of the three intention categories.

You may need to set up some boundaries, which will help you set some limits with those who can be difficult or have bad intentions. Setting boundaries with others can truly change your life.

You only have one life to live, don’t waste it spending time with people who have bad intentions towards you

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Do you have a tip for determining bad intent that you think others should know about? Leave it in the comments below.