comebacks for self-important people

Comebacks for people who have an inflated sense of self importance

What to say to someone who has an inflated sense of their own importance

Urban Dictionary describes someone who is self-important as, “a person who overestimates their own importance and exhibits arrogant or pompous behavior.”

We’ve all met people who are full of themselves and their capabilities. Kanye West was a star in his own mind before he made it big as a rapper, success became a self-fluffing prophecy for him. Sure it is impressive and admirable, but for the people who were around him on a daily basis it was probably exhausting.

Self-important people can suck the attention in a room away from everyone else, everything is about them and how wonderful they are. They talk incisively about themselves and then turn around and dismiss the opinions and achievements of others.

We all have to deal with people who are self-centered, if you have a friend who turns every conversation back to being about them and negates your accomplishments you may want to move them out of your inner circle.

If you get a little tired of being around someone and their self-important attitude, try out a few of these comebacks.

Top ten comebacks for people who have an inflated sense of self importance

  1. I’m pretty sure the earth revolves around the sun, not you!
  2. Congratulations on your uncanny ability to take something that is not at all about you and make it all about you.
  3. Does my complete lack of interest in your existence conflict with your delusions of self-
  4. Opps! I forgot the world revolves around you. How silly of me.
  5. Yes, everything in the world is about YOU and ONLY you! I don’t know anyone else and wouldn’t post anything unless it was about you!
  6. Newsflash! You might want to get over yourself. Everyone else has.
  7. I am not a psychiatrist but I am fairly certain you suffer from an overestimated self importance.
  8. I’m sorry it’s not all about you. Maybe next time cupcake.
  9. Sorry, putting up with your shit is not on my to do list today.
  10. If you were as important as you think you are you would be a lot quieter.
  11. You need to eat some humble pie and get over yourself.
  12. You’re a self-important little runt who is desperate for attention.

Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing for dealing with a self important person? Share them in the comments below.

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