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How to respond when people ask if you’re a single mom

Clever replies when people ask if you're a SINGLE MOM. |

Sometimes inquiring minds just can’t help asking personal questions like, “Are you a single mom?” Being a single mom is becoming the new norm, one in four children in America is being raised in a household without a father.

For single moms the responsibilities never seem to end, these moms are constantly taking care of someone else’s needs without ever having a moment for themselves.

Solo parenting is not for the faint of heart, any mom who can raise her kids alone without going insane deserves to be called a superhero.

Here are a few snappy comebacks when some nosy person pries into your business and asks if you’re a single mom.

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Yeah, I'm a single mom. And what's your super power?
Yeah, I got tired of raising a child and a husband.
Single moms are simply superheroes in disguise.
Yeah, I'm rocking it solo.
Single parents are like Superman, only harder working!


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