funny answers when someone tries to make you feel guilty

What to say when someone tries to make you feel guilty

How to respond when someone tries to make you feel guilty

People who engage in emotional blackmail know exactly which buttons to press to make you feel guilty. Basically, they are trying to control you so you will confirm, and do exactly as they please.

You normally think of a guilt trip as something that your mom does, trying to trick you into eating your vegetables or cleaning your room. My friend’s mom always says to him, “I incubated you in my womb for 9 months, doing X is the least you could do for me.”

Really, guilt trips are a form of psychological manipulation because the person knows your weaknesses and will do or say whatever it takes to get to you do what they want.

You could be direct and let the person know that you feel resentful of the way they are trying to control you, and their actions are just pushing you further away.

Next time someone tries to give you a guilt trip, use one of our clever comebacks and let them know that you’re onto them.

Stand up for yourself without being a jerk


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Guilt trip from mom

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