Funny things to say when someone calls you high maintenace

Comebacks if you are called high maintenance

Use one of our clever comebacks when someone calls you high maintenance

High maintenance can mean different things to different folks. If someone is calling a woman high maintenance they may mean you expect someone to spend a lot of money on you or they are calling you a diva who requires a lot of attention. There is nothing wrong with a girl who has high expectations.

Try a few of these comebacks next time someone calls you high maintenance.

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Comebacks if you are called high maintenance

I am not high maintenance, but rather precious cargo with lavish instruction for upkeep.
I can be as high maintenance as I want, because no one pays my bills except me.
Most men think their woman is high maintenance... but only a stupid one would say it.
When I said you can’t buy my love, I meant not possible with your salary.

Funny things to say if you are called high maintenance

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