How come you don’t know who is the baby daddy

What to say if someone asks if you know who your child’s father is

What to say if some asks you if you know who the baby's father is

It’s hard to believe that someone would actually have the nerve to ask a woman if she knows who the father of her child is. Yes, there are actually people that rude out there in world, because one of our readers requested a response to this question.

When someone asks you such a rude personal question you may be a little shocked or taken aback. If you don’t know who the baby’s daddy is, it certainly isn’t anybody’s business but your own.

If someone is brazen enough to ask if you know who your child’s father is, they actually deserve a snappy comeback delivered with a smile.

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Who’s the babys father?

A nosy waitress asks a customer if she knows who her baby’s father is.

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