sarcastic comebacks for excuses

Comebacks for someone who always makes excuses

What to say to someone who makes excuses

Are you tired of someone in your life who constantly makes excuses for their behaviour or lack of results? Some folks have an excuse for everything, and they are always pointing the finger and blaming others for all of the disappointment in their lives.

Actor, Jamie Foxx, grew up in Terrell, Texas, where he experienced racial discrimination as a black child growing up in a segregated community. He was abandoned by his own parents and raised by his mother’s foster parents. Even though his own father lived 28 miles away, he didn’t visit or make contact with Jamie while he was growing up.

Jamie began playing the piano when he was five years of age, he was at the top of his class academically and became a school basketball player and quarterback on the high school team. He also sang in a band and a choir. He worked hard and has gone on to become a triple threat a comedian, an actor, and a singer.


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Even after he became famous, his parents still weren’t interested in having a relationship with him. If anybody deserves to feel hard done by and making excuses it’s Jamie Foxx. He doesn’t complain, he just keeps going and reaching for new goals.

If you don’t want to hear lame excuses anymore, here are a few snappy comebacks you can say to shut the person up.

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comebacks for someone who always makes excuses

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