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Great comebacks if someone says grow up

Funny replies when you are told to grow up

When someone tells you to grow up don’t listen if they are telling you to get old before your time. Many people look back on their life and they remember their youth as the best time they ever had. Folks like to reminisce about their teen years, being a young adult and think about all of the good times they had.

As an adult, you are weighed down by responsibility at work, home and let’s not even start talking about financial obligations.

You should make the most of your youth, have a great time and do the things young people are supposed to do. Go to university, travel the world, date people you find attractive and enjoy! Don’t listen to anyone who tries to rush you into a life of normalcy and boredom claiming that you need to grow up.

Next time someone gives you a lecture and tells you that you need to grow up, use one of our clever comebacks.

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comebacks when people say grow up

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6 Responses

  1. People who tell other people to grow up are simply the worst kind of people. Never, and I mean NEVER, trust anyone who tells you to grow up. Believe me, I know from experience.

    “Why? I don’t like grown ups.” – Billy Crystal in the movie Running Scared when someone tells his character in that movie he can’t be a kid all his life. Amen to that!

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