you’re so tall how to answer

Clever comebacks when people go on about how tall you are

Funny replies when people go on about how tall you are

Tall people know that they’re tall. Hearing a short person go on and on about their height gets old pretty quickly. After all, nobody goes on and on about how bald or portly other people are. It’s considered rude. Imagine if you were in a bar looking at someone’s bald head going on and on about it!

If you get tired of being polite next time some short ass remarks, ”You’re so tall,” go ahead and use one of our fun comebacks.

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Yeah, it's hard not to look down on you.
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What? You'll have to talk louder! I can't hear you up here.
5506 Vote
I may be tall, but I 've got a lot of growing up to do.
297 Vote
Excuse me, but that's just insensitive. We prefer the term vertically inclined.
1090 Vote
My driver's license says six foot eight, but morally I'm only five-six.
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Elle Macpherson was teased for being tall in school

Elle Macpherson
Via Wikipedia

Elle felt insecure about her height when she was younger, if  only she knew that what made her stand out would catapult her into a fabulous modeling career in the future.

I was 6 feet tall at 18 and now think of the times I wasted wishing I was smaller. I had all those insecure feelings about a big nose, big ears, and being too tall,” the supermodel revealed to he The Sun. “That awkwardness was there all the time. I never looked at myself and thought that I was a swan. All I could see was an ugly duckling.” – Elle Macpherson

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