When everyone has an opinion about your life

One of our readers reached out and shared a story of what she is going through.

Lola is going through a difficult divorce, and she was finding it very hard because everybody has an opinion about her marriage, her extended family was making comments that they liked her Ex. They kept telling her that he was such a great guy, and they were having no regard for her feelings. After all, she was divorcing him for a reason!

People think they know everything about your situation, but in reality, they only know part of the story or a sliver of what’s really going on. Yet they feel free to voice their opinion or judge you over something which they know nothing about.

In a relationship, there are always two sides to a story. Lola’s cousins, who she saw a couple of times a year, didn’t know that her husband had another side, they didn’t know that he had been having an affair for two years. Lola was the one who had to live through it and suffered, and yet her family was telling her how she should live her life.


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People think they have a right to tell everybody how to live their life. But luckily, Lola had gotten our bundle because she replied with the most awesome comeback and her relatives just stood there and stopped talking. She responded politely so they couldn’t call her out for being rude.

The comeback she used was from one of our cheat sheets in the Verbal Self Defense bundle. And it just shut her cousin up. Lola said it was priceless seeing the look on her cousin’s face!

You can stand up to people and you can do it in a nice way that lets people know that certain topics are not open for discussion, EVER.

A lot of times when it comes to family you can let stuff go, it isn’t worth arguing about but when you feel someone has crossed the line you should say something, even if it is family.

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