how to answer are you gay

How to respond when people ask if you’re gay

what to say if people call you gay

Whether you are a heterosexual or gay male, there is a pretty good chance you have been called gay or a fag in a derogatory way at some point in time. Many insecure teenage guys will use the term when they are trying to appear cool in front of their friends when really they feel like an insecure little turd or they wouldn’t feel the need to say such a thing to someone.

There is nothing wrong with being gay, and thankfully society is becoming more tolerant, in urban centres anyway.

If you’re not gay you probably want to say something to shut the person up who keeps trying to wind you up.

If you are being called gay, use one of our clever comebacks to shut the hater up.

Go ahead, vote, and tell us what you think is the best comeback to such a personal question.

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Why? Are you are trying to recruit?
Only on Tuesdays.
I am straighter than the pole your mom dances on.
No, I just dress better than you!
Why YES, I am!
That is not what your mama thought last night.


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When people call you gay

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