I am watching a mesmerizing show called Succession, where the parents are indifferent or have bad intentions toward their children. 

A lot of us have experienced bad intent in a relationship where somebody will say the right thing, but their actions convey something different.

What really matters is intentionality, which can be either

1. Positive for someone

2. Neutral as in, I don’t really care what happens to you

3. Firmly against someone


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As in a video game, there are non-playing characters who are neutral, and you kind of just ignore them as you go about your video game. 

There are characters that are allies who are with you, which would be a positive parent or friend.

And then your enemy is someone that’s against you. And if you do nothing to counteract it, you get blown out in the game. 

So similarly, in the game of life, if you pretend, that person is for you when they’re not, you can be left vulnerable and exposed. The worst thing is when you have someone in your inner circle who has negative intentions toward you.

In a video game, Instead of recognizing the bad intent and fighting the enemy with weapons, they’re basically just standing there and getting shot. Some of us feel like we are getting shot when someone makes a negative comment or continually crosses our boundaries.

bad intentions quote

5 traits of people with bad intentions

  1. People with bad intent  don’t care if their actions have a negative effect on other people’s lives.
  2. When a person has bad intent they try to get a rise out of you and push your buttons.
  3. People with bad intent try to triangulate and turn others against each other.
  4. People with bad intentions have an agenda when they meet someone for their own gain.
  5. A person with bad intentions doesn’t care if they hurt you.

Does anyone in your life act with bad intentions towards others?

So my question for you is do you have anyone who is acting with bad intentions towards you? Just be aware and observe them the next time you are around them and see if you can put the person in one of the three intention categories.

You may need to set up some boundaries, which will help you set some limits with those who can be difficult or have bad intentions. Setting boundaries with others can truly change your life.

You only have one life to live, don’t waste it spending time with people who have bad intentions towards you

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Calvin found out his friend had bad intent towards him

Calvin had always considered his friend, Max, to be a trustworthy and loyal person. They had been friends since childhood and had gone through many ups and downs together.

One day, Calvin stumbled upon a conversation between Max and another friend that left him with a sinking feeling in his stomach. Max was talking about Calvin in a derogatory and disrespectful manner, revealing his true intentions towards their friendship.

Calvin couldn’t believe what he had heard and initially brushed it off as a joke. As time passed, he started noticing subtle changes in Max’s behaviour towards him. Max would often make snide remarks and belittle Calvin in front of their other friends.

It was then that Calvin realized the truth about his friend’s intentions, and it left him feeling hurt and betrayed. It was shocking that someone he considered a good friend had such a bad character.

Calvin confronted Max about his behaviour, but Max denied any wrongdoing and tried to justify his actions. It was a painful realization for Calvin that sometimes, even the closest of friends can have bad intentions towards you.

Calvin took steps to distance himself from Max and focus on building new friendships based on trust and respect.

Do you have a tip for determining bad intent that you think others should know about? Leave it in the comments below.

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