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What to say to a fake friend

1. Life is too short for fake friends and crappy wine.

2. Fake friends are like shadows, always there at your brightest moments. But nowhere to be seen during your darkest hours.

3. Revenge, I’m too lazy. I am going to let karma mess you up.

4. Some people come into your life as a blessing as others come as life lessons.

5. True friends will always find a way to help you. Fake friends will always find an excuse.

6. Honesty is better than sugar-coated BS.

7. If you’re absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success.

8. You never know the quality of someone’s personality until the road gets rocky.

9. I hope that bus you threw me under swerves and hits you on the sidewalk.

10. Revenge, I’m too lazy. I am going to let karma mess you up.

Definition of a fake friend

A fake friend is someone who pretends to have your back only to use you for their own advantage. Yes, this supposed friend will act friendly and supportive towards you but isn’t a bit interested in what you do or your happiness.

Fake friends drag your name through the mud and sap your confidence in the most subtle of ways. They play pretend so convincingly that it’s difficult to notice. Nevertheless, the reality of who they really are will be revealed over time.

Until then, it’s essential to be aware of the quirks and kinks of these people who are around at your brightest moments but evaporate at your darkest hours, when you really need a good friend.


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How to deal with a fake friend

Dealing with a double-cross can be a real challenge. With that, let us give you some survival tips on how to deal with a fake friend.

1.      Be honest

If you’re not comfortable with your fake friend’s behaviour, then you should have an honest conversation about it. We suggest expressing your feelings in an uninhibited way, in a “spill your guts” conversation.

Be prepared though, they might deny any wrongdoing on their part, and might try to circle it around on you. Like we said, this fake friend can be conniving, so asking them to confess is a bit of a stretch.

2.      Set clear boundaries with fake friends

If you can’t stop the negativity, you should at least protect yourself from it.

Set some healthy boundaries with your friend-foe by limiting your engagement with them. You can avoid certain conversations that can trigger negative emotional energy, evidently resulting in friction.

3.      Don’t engage in their drama

Fake friends live in drama. They breathe conflict, so it’s vital that you don’t get absorbed in all their silly games.

When you’re interacting with this type of friend, you should learn to control your emotions and avoid launching an impassioned plea. It won’t work, instead, you’re just egging on their bad behaviour.

4.      Surround yourself with positive people

Positive people radiate positive energy. This optimism can have a strong impact on your mood and mindset. They can be a source of motivation and inspiration in times when you need it the most.

It’s paramount to have that sort of support system, especially when you’re surrounded with fake friends who can suck the life out of you.

5.     Focus on yourself for a change

Instead of swimming into your fake friend’s stream of drama, you should concentrate your energy on yourself.

Do what lifts your spirit; read books, travel to places, and take up a hobby.. By focusing on your interests and goals, you can put order into chaos.

Having a fake friend around is quite pesky. Most of the time, you have to be mindful of what you say and what you do. One of the best ways to get around it is to prioritize your well-being.

You may want to mend things with your fake friend. But if the entire funfair becomes too much, let go of the situation, cut ties, and walk the other way. Trust us, it is not worth your mental health.


Fake friends don't deserve a second chance

Famous people who have had to deal with fake friends

Fake friendships are a facet of life in Hollywood — it comes with the territory.

That said, here are some famous people who had one of the toughest jobs in the world dealing with fake friends on a red carpet basis.

1. Taylor Swift

Mean? Bad Blood? You’ve all heard Taylor Swift sing about her fake-friendship woes in a not-so-subtle fashion. The global superstar has been open about her experiences on having fake friends in the music industry.  

Then again, she’s only been made strong because of it and has been winning Grammys, MTV awards and millions of hearts all over the world — look what you made her do.

2. Selena Gomez

Taylor Swift’s closest gal pal Selena Gomez is also a victim of faux friendships. The “Lose You to Love Me” singer once said that she needed to cut ties with some people in her close circle, fearing they don’t really have her best interest at heart.

3. Demi Lovato

Selena Gomez’s fellow former Disney star Demi Lovato has also struggled with having fake friends.

Demi has openly talked about her drug abuse and mental health struggles over the years. In the popstar’s darkest moments, she was blatantly honest about not having supportive friends in her journey towards recovery and healing.

4. Justin Bieber 

 Justin Bieber was one of those “super famous” people who everybody wants to be friends with. The music icon has spoken out about having fake friends who used him for fame and fortune.

Over time, JB learned to drop those fake friendships and went on to surround himself with positive people.

5. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to having fake friends. In fact, she learned it the hard way when one of them leaked personal information about her to the media.

Since then, the oldest of the Kardashian sisters has learned to be up on guard about whom she confides with.

Remember, fake friends can be found everywhere, not just in show business. 

Although there’s nothing more entertaining than watching the in-crowd hurl dirty laundry at one another, it’s still best to focus on the real world and foster positive relationships.

The Role of counselling and self care

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When you are dealing with a fake friend and you find it stressful, consider getting support from a professional. Talking to a counselor is a great way to work through a challenging situation, and help you find some strategies to work through the person’s behaviour.

Better Help is a great resource where you can talk to a counselor from the comfort of your own home.

Taking care of your own needs isn’t selfish, and you will feel better in the long run.

Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing for dealing with fake friends? Share them in the comments below.

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    1. I used to have a BEST FRIEND she was so NICE to me then I saw her on my friends group chat calling me a bitch and saying that im ugly.So I made a comeback that she will regret me saying “When im walking home I hope I see your bus hitting your home :)”

      1. I had a nasty girl who I called my best friend.she talked behind my back and I told her.
        Fake friend:”what are you looking at”
        Me:the reason why double doors are made.

    1. There was this girl who I thought was my friend and then she started leaving me out of day outs and stuff, she also talks about me behind my back and I never did her any wrong, she’s jealous of me so she takes it out on me. Anyway recently she’s been acting all friendly and literally ASKING me to like and comment on her recents- like umm no, you did me wrong, don’t be expecting favours smh. Does anyone have any good comebacks for when she asks me to like her posts? Or just for her in general?? Ty xx

      1. when she asks you to like her posts say:

        “i dont even like you so would i like your posts?”

        maybe that will make her shut up..

    1. so true!
      I have been there all my life. i thought i ha a lot of friends but then i figured out that their parents told them to be my friend…

      life’s hard and painful we all can relate.

  1. When you said you had my back, I didn’t realize it was a place to store your knife!

  2. “If I wanted a bitch I would have bought a dog”
    “No wonder your late in the mornings, spending to much time putting makeup on two faces”
    No one asked for your opinion”
    Insult – your shit
    Comeback – your face is shit but I don’t complain!

  3. There has been a lot of drama going on lately and a lot of bullcrap and a lot of fake ass friends this past week and this just sums up what i have to say to them

  4. Bitch: ur ugly
    Me: look at yourself
    Bitch: come up with a better comeback
    Me: how can I come up with a comeback of I never left?????

  5. My fake friend is annoying and snobby. Even her friend says she is fake. Dhe acts like she is in charge of me. She even told my chrush I liked him just to embarass me!!! My real friend never told anyone my crush since 1st grade, and I am currently in 6th. She only told him because I moved and I asked her to. She is a real friend.

  6. People are bound to be fake, but there’s a limit that you want to get hurt. And those idiots reached mine quite soon. So yeah; no friends, walk alone, and get your typical happily ever after. I’m not pessimistic, but this is just my experience, and I don’t want another person to go through the same pain I did. Anyway, great page!!!!

  7. Theres reasons why they talk shit behind u. Move on and leave em behind. You shouldnt e the one feeling like u lost a friend, they should be feeling it. Real eyes, realise, real lies

  8. tell me which one is the best:
    “my name must taste good because it’s always in your mouth.”
    ” is your drama going to an intermission soon?”
    “calm down. take a deep breath, and then hold it for about twenty minutes.”
    “when karma comes back to punch you in the face, i wanna be there in case it needs help.”

  9. now these are just comebacks mostly. but enjoy reading these.
    – if you interrupt someone mean on purpose and that person tells you something about it, then say ” i’m sorry. did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?”
    – if someone tells you you’re stupid, then say “is that right? and what have you accomplished in your life that makes you Einstein?”
    – if someone talked you you behind your back, act like you don’t notice they’re talking in front of your face, and then at the end say “oh, you’re talking to me? i thought you only talked behind my back.”

  10. So one time in school when i was in 10th grade. i had this friend but she was liek complete opposite. We were like “besties” for 2 years. I forgot how we became friends anyways. But like she started like dropping me for this popular girl. and like she just ignored me and got really irritated everytime i tried to talk it out. i decided to ignore her so i found myself a new bestie. about a week later she came to me sayin that popuar girl made rumors about her. She asked if we coudl be bets friends again. i said i rather eat dog shit than talk to u. lol

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