How to answer are you afraid of commitment

Some people think that everyone should settle down and get married and if you don’t want to, they think that you are afraid of commitment.
Settling down and commitment has a lot to do with timing, if you are in your early twenties you probably aren’t looking for a long term commitment. Most people in their twenties want to date a few people and find out who is a good fit.

Why would you want to commit to someone and settle down if you are in the prime of your life with so many amazing options? Never has the world been better for young people to travel, work abroad or go to university.

Who you are in your twenties can be very different from who you will become in your thirties. Your twenties are your opportunity to explore your life and find out who you are.

Being in a committed relationship does take a lot of work, and it is a wonderful thing at the right time of your life.
Check out what to say when people ask why you are afraid of commitment.

Best comebacks to are you afraid of commitment

1. Commitment? I’ve supported the same Rugby League team for years!

2. Why buy the cow if you can get the milk for free?

3. It’s not that I am afraid of commitment, I am just afraid of committing to a psycho like you.

4. No, I actually quite like the feeling of a strait jacket.

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