Funny replies when someone calls you skinny

People consider it rude to mention that someone is overweight but it is fair game to go on about someone being too skinny. Some of the things people say, they would never get away saying the same thing to a overweight person.

Skinny girls are used to hearing that you think they need to have a decent meal, yeah, we know that we look like toothpicks, and you don’t need to say we look like a bag of bones either. We know you’d love to have our problem, but please quit saying that we have an eating disorder!

Next time someone says, “You’re so skinny!“ use one of our great comebacks.


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Best comebacks for being called skinny

1. If you ran like your mouth, you would be in good shape.

2. Jealousy looks terrible on you, yet you continue to wear it.

3. I can’t for the life of me imagine why you would feel the need to have such a vested interest in my weight.

4. Too bad you can’t count jumping to conclusions and running your mouth exercise.

5. I guess you’re the master of point out the obvious.

6. Well, I’d rather be skinny than overweight any day of the week!

7. You know it’s been proven that skinny people live longer, right?

8. A lot of people are jealous of my fast metabolism.

9. Yup, I’m skinny but strong.

10. I am so blessed to be born with my awesome metabolism.

12. I’ve been known to eat more than two people twice my size.

12 Are you trying to body shame me?

13. Are you bringing this up because you feel insecure about your weight?

14. Well, if that was intended to be a compliment, thank you.

15. You know that calling a person skinny is more hurtful than you think.

Definition of a skinny person

So, a skinny person is someone rocking a low body weight and a slim or slender build. They might owe their look to a zippy metabolism, low body fat, or just having a smaller bone structure. Being skinny could be totally natural or genetic, but watch out, it could also signal some sneaky health troubles like not eating well or dealing with an eating disorder. 

Don’t jump to conclusions about someone’s health or lifestyle based on looks. Let’s spread some kindness and understanding to folks of all shapes and sizes. Remember, feeling good is way better than looking a certain way. It’s time to focus on healthy choices for both our bodies and minds!

How to deal with people calling you skinny

Dealing with being called skinny can be irritating and chip away at self-confidence, but it’s also an opportunity to develop personally. Here are some pointers for managing the situation:

1. Own your body type

Skinny is just one type, and it’s cool. Embrace it as part of you.

2. Be kind to yourself

Embrace yourself, inside and out. Remember, your body is just one piece of the puzzle.

3. No need to compare

Forget comparing or chasing an unrealistic look. Focus on being well, inside and out.

4. Speak up

If folks say hurtful stuff, speak your mind. Set boundaries and stand up for yourself.

5. Get backup

If body talk gets you down, chat with friends or a professional therapist. Support can make a big difference.

Just a reminder: being called skinny doesn’t sum you up – we’re all rocking different bodies. Take this chance to evolve and learn from comments. Make a pact to nurture good habits that spread kindness and self-respect all around.

Don't wear skinny jeans unless you have skinny genes!

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Famous people who were teased for being skinny

Plenty of well-known people have dealt with teasing about being skinny, but that never stopped them. Take a look:

1. Kate Moss: Model extraordinaire, teased for her slim figure at first, now a mega-success.

2. Christian Bale: Actor, got skinny teasing as a kid, now he’s a Hollywood legend.

3. Taylor Swift: Singer, tall and skinny teasing didn’t stop her; she spreads body positivity.

4. Keira Knightley: Actress, skinny teasing didn’t get her down; she rocks self-love.

5. Zac Efron: Actor, skinny teasing didn’t define him; he’s all about fitness and health now.

Here’s the deal: famous folks getting teased for being skinny happens more than you’d think. Don’t forget, body shaming doesn’t care about size. Let’s all be cool, show some empathy to every body type, and make a chill space that’s all about loving ourselves.

Eva Mendes was made fun of  for being skinny

Via Wikipedia 66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra) Eva Mendès

Eva Mendes found her teen years really challenging, she shared “I was a gawky, skinny girl with big teeth and that made me an easy target,” Mendes told The Daily Mail. “I had two bullies and they tortured me all through junior high school. At the time I couldn’t understand why they kept taunting me. Only later could I see that I was showing them my fear and that’s what they were pouncing on.”

The Role of counselling and self care

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When you are dealing with being called skinny by others and you find it stressful, consider getting support from a professional. Talking to a counselor is a great way to work through a challenging situation, and help you find some strategies to work through the person’s behaviour.

Better Help is a great resource where you can talk to a counselor from the comfort of your own home. 

Taking care of your own needs isn’t selfish, and you will feel better in the long run.

Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing with someone who calls you skinny? Share them in the comments below.

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  1. These are great answers. I kinda wonder why people are hating on us for being skinny. At least we are not over weight. Some people just like to hate.

  2. Even better, Too bad you can’t count jumping to conclusions and running your mouth as exercise.

  3. There a bit rough and crude, I prefer wit

    Imagine your in the worst environment and your called skinny (I was there)

    I would rather make my brothers and sisters laugh than hurt them.

    1. Skinny shaming much? And also, skinny girls can have booties. Stop being jealous yourself, and go look under the fat comebacks category:)

    2. it’s sad that you even think it’s cute and funny to try to take down other women, as if we don’t have enough to try to worry about. hating on other girls doesn’t make you prettier. us girls gotta stand with eachother ??

    3. Honestly that’s not how that works, it’s called metabolism, and genes. There’s also this thing called a gym. ?

  4. when people say OH YOU’RE SO TALL I say that it’s not that im TOO TALL its that you’re TOO SHORT or when people say OH YOU’RE TO SKINNY I say at least im good in hiding unlike you

  5. i get call skinny anorexic and other hurtful words to me it’s worst then being called fat but now i have great comebacks thanks.

  6. At least I have better chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse OR at least I can run a 100 metres without dying. OR I eat to live, not live to eat

  7. I usually say “And skinny people look good too”..and smoke and walk off. That shows tgem, I have no interest in their mean words.

  8. this one is kind of mean, and i don’t know if anyone should use it but i thought of it while reading these. my grandmother was really skinny and was constantly picked on for it by this woman that was bigger than her in terms of weight, and she just let it slip for months, and finally she couldn’t take anymore of the bullying and said, “why don’t you give me about 20 pounds, and then we’ll both be happy?” and she never bothered her again….

  9. I am really tall for my age and i have a really thin stomach. Im insecure about almost everything and the fact that i cant have a conversation with somenody without them memtioning my height of weight is not making it better. When i tell people to not make jokes about it, they all say “You should be proud stop being selfish!” But how am i supposed to be proud when i dont feel proud?

  10. ok this one is sorta mean but IT WORKS “i’d rather be skinny than be a fatxss like you are.” i’ve used this in an argument before and she instantly shut up so like

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