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Best ever comebacks when someone asks what you’re looking at

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Maybe you are minding your own business and some smart ass singles you out and says “What are you looking at!” It might catch you off guard, and be embarrassing when someone is publicly acting like such a jerk towards you for no reason.

You might want to just let it go, if the person is continually picking on you it might be helpful to say something back. Bullies often pick on people who they consider an easy mark, someone who won’t respond to their taunts and verbal abuse. If they know that you are going to slay them with a comeback and make them look publicly stupid, they won’t pick on you again.

Here are a few verbal smack downs next time some fool asks you what you are looking at.

Go ahead and vote for the best answer. If you can think of an even better comeback leave it in the comments below.

Vote for the best comeback when someone says what are you looking at

You are the kind of girl that a guy should show off... In show and tell for psychology class.
Your face is just fine but you will have to put a bag over that personality.
I was not checking you out. I was just admiring how the universe has blessed you.
You would be much more likable if it wasn\'t for that hole in your mouth that noise comes out of.


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Justin Timberlake had to deal with bullies in high school

Singer Justin Timberlake wasn’t so popular growing up because he preferred music to football and in the state of Tennessee, where he grew up, that just wasn’t considered cool. He’s pretty popular with the ladies now, but he reveals he was picked on all the time at school and he had I had terrible acne and weird hair. When Justin was on the Ellen Dengeneres show he said, “The thing about life … is …… is … everything … you feel makes you weird is essentially what’s gonna make you sexy as an adult…. When you’re a kid I think you try so hard to fit in and when you get older you realize that fitting in isn’t really the thing that’s more interesting…. I would not be here if I would have listened to the kids who told me I was a terrible singer and I was a sissy…. Be different.”

Justin Timberlake Wikipedia

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Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing with people who ask “What are you looking at?”. Share them in the comments below.


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44 Responses

  1. It’s tough being a Mom. I think it’s especially tough with boys. You want to teach them to stand up for thlmseeves, but we also want them to be caring and compassionate. Good for you guys on having such enlightening dinner conversation. Some of those comebacks brought back a lot of memories! Mich

  2. I have actually had an idiot say what are you looking at to me. Wish I had one of these comebacks ready.

      1. Hay bob my reply would be oh I know when you see the best your eyes don’t know what to live for anymore

      1. That is brilliant! I used that, This boy is just like ‘what are you looking at?’ and I replied with ‘the mistake your parents made’…. the whole class thinks I’m a genius now and no one says anything mean or rude to me!!

  3. Bully: What’re you looking at? Me: Something ugly. I left the bully speechless. (By the way the bully is a boy not a girl :p)

  4. Bully: What are you looking at?
    Victim: oh sorry, I just can’t stop looking at people who have ugly personality like you!

  5. Bully: what r u looking at
    Comeback 1: an ugly image
    Comeback 2: just thinking if you where born an asshole
    Comeback 3: a reason for your existence

  6. -I’m not looking at anything, I’m just trying to burn a hole in the wall

    -Cats stare at things all the time and I don’t hear you questioning their actions.

    -You have eyes, try using those instead of that noise hole

    1. Yeah
      Bully: what are you looking at
      Me: oh shit sorry I was daydreaming and ended up looking at something ugly

  7. Bully: What are you looking at
    You: I don’t know, I can’t figure it out yet.
    I use this one so much, it freaking halarious to see their reaction.

  8. You could say “Oh, I’m just trying to decide what’s uglier. Your face or your personality”. SAVAGE. LOL, I came up with that myself.

  9. I was looking at my crush, and he said “what are you looking at,” and my heart dropped. It was pretty loud in my classroom so I just pretended to say something quietly. It was so embarrassing and I could’ve really used one of these comebacks when he made me feel like an idiot. Totally not giving this guy my attention any more after this jerky remark. People in my grade say this all the time to other people, but it hurt a lot more when he said this especially since I know he USED to like me too. I don’t think he has liked me since Christmas.

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