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How to respond when you’re told that someone’s talking about you

How to respond if you are told someone is talking about you

When you find out from a mutual friend that someone has been talking behind your back you may be a little shocked and at a loss for words. If the person was supposedly a trusted friend you may even feel like you have been sucker punched.

When someone spreads gossip always take a close look at the source. It could be from a trusted friend or a troublemaker who likes to stir up drama. It may not be wise to start trashing your other mutual friend, you never know what will be reported back to the source.

When a close friend has acted like a jerk towards you it removes any obligation that you have towards the person. If previously you were always there for the person to listen to their relationship woes, you might not want to be available to listen next time they want to talk endlessly about their boyfriend. You’re not obligated to be close friends with people who are talking behind your back or who treat you badly.

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