How to respond when someone says whatever

What can you say when some rude person looks at you and blurts out, “whatever!” Of course, it depends on how they say it and how much eye rolling is involved. If you are dealing with a snarky teenager you may hear whatever a couple a day.

When someone says whatever in rude tone they are being dismissive, telling you they couldn’t give a toss or to go away. Usually, it is meant in a rude and passive aggressive way.

Next time someone says whatever, use one of our snappy comebacks that will hopefully render the smart ass speechless!

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17 Best comebacks to whatever

1. Keep rolling your eyes, maybe you’ll find your brain back there.

2. You know you’ve won an argument when the other person ends with whatever.

3. I see the extent of your vocabulary is starting to show.

4. Those self absorbed asshole seminars are really paying off.

5. How old are you 12?

6. There’s no need today whatever like I’m your mother!

7. You’re saying that I can do whatever I want?

8. Wow, you’re so articulate.

9. I guess the whatever plus the eye roll mean you don’t want to discuss the topic.

10. I just lost the ability to take you seriously, what a devastating loss.

11. Thank you for the deeply meaningful response.

12. Should I apologize for not being a mind reader?

13. You know whatever means that you’ve lost an argument but refuse to admit it.

14. I understand that you may not agree with what we are doing. I want you to know that I appreciate your input.

15. I find it hurtful when you dismiss what I have to say.

16. You seem upset? I’m here to listen if you want to talk.

17. That’s all you’ve got?


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Why do people say whatever?

People often say “whatever” in answer to a statement or question they don’t agree with or want to discuss. It can be used to show boredom, indifference, or even anger. People might say “whatever” for the following reasons:

1. To Dismiss: “Saying whatever” can also be used when someone just doesn’t feel like getting into a deep or meaningful conversation. Sometimes, we use it to change the subject, ignore a topic or comment casually.

2. To show disinterest: When someone isn’t into a specific topic or conversation, they might say “whatever” to let others know they’re not feeling it.

3. To Show frustration: “Whatever” can signify frustration or anger when said in a certain way or tone. It could mean the person has had enough of the talk or situation

4. To Avoid Conflict: Sometimes, people say “whatever” to prevent a disagreement from getting out of hand. It’s like hitting the pause button on a heated conversation.

5. To Show Sarcasm: When people say “whatever,” they are sometimes being sarcastic. It’s saying, “I don’t buy your argument or opinion.”

How to handle it when people say whatever to you

Someone hitting you with a “whatever” can get under your skin or make you feel brushed off. Let’s dive into some constructive ways to handle it:

1. Stay Calm: Keep your cool and resist the urge to act on impulse. Reacting with anger or defensiveness might make things worse.

2.Ask for Clarification: If you’re unsure what the person meant by their “whatever” answer, you can politely ask them to explain.

3. Address the problem. If someone uses “whatever” to dismiss your opinion or case, try to talk about the situation calmly and politely. Tell them what you think and why you think it.

4. Don’t take it personally. Remember that the person’s use of “whatever” may have more to do with them than with you. Don’t let it bother you; try not to take it personally.

If the other person keeps being rude or indifferent, move on and stop talking to them. Don’t waste your time on someone who doesn’t want to hear you out or speak to you.

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When you are dealing with someone who keeps saying whatever and you find it stressful, consider getting support from a professional. Talking to a counselor is a great way to work through a challenging situation, and help you find some strategies to work through the person’s behaviour.

Better Help is a great resource where you can talk to a counselor from the comfort of your own home. 

Taking care of your own needs isn’t selfish, and you will feel better in the long run.

Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing with someone who says whatever? Share them in the comments below.

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  1. Their is a website for our school which we can post stuff on. Does anyone know a good comeback for this:
    My Friend: Tomorrow and after tomorrow I am not coming to school to study for the final exams.
    Me: what shall we do for you?
    My friend: shut up adam
    My Other Friend: HE OWNED YOU!
    Me: I don’t shut up, I grow up and when I look at you I throw up.
    My Other Friend (same guy who said that he owned me): What???

    Now what I want is to own this guy too so can anyone give me an awesome comeback to this? And thanks.

    1. I won’t spell it out for you, I left my English to the Dumbass dictionary at home which I bought for you —– say that! 😉

  2. lol this just shows us why you’re here lmao. A simple how-to for people looking for a way to retort is getting you all bent-up? “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

  3. Sometimes I get really mad at the idiots at my school. One example is where this person called Aiden said “Whatever” after I asked him what he did that weekend. And I love these examples! I think I will use some of them they really are very clever.

  4. You don’t need to respond when somebody says, “whatever”. In fact, in this scenario, “silence” is the best solution. I’m presuming here, that you’re referring to non-polite comments & if so, you can simply choose to ignore &/or walk away.

  5. here’s one for shut up(“But shut can’t go up.)
    It’s a nonsensical retort that’s meant to confuse anyone who hushed you.

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