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Funny ways to invite people over to your place

Funny ways to invite people over to your house

If you want to hang out with friends or someone special, it may be up to you to take the initiative to make it happen. If you are waiting for an invitation, you could be waiting for a long time.

Yep, it can be nerve racking asking people over, especially if you really like someone. We all want to seem casual when we are really into someone because nobody wants to appear too eager or desperate.

Here are some funny casual invitations to invite someone to come over to your place.

Remember if someone can’t make it, it doesn’t mean that they are not into you, it could all be about timing. If it doesn’t work out now, it could in the future.

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I’m having people over to stare at their phone later if you want to come by.
Let's get together soon, drink tequila and do fun things neither of us will remember tomorrow.
After reviewing all my other options, let’s hang out tonight.
Let's get together for a night of shit talking.


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Funny ways to invite people over to your house

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