How to tell a person you DON'T WANT TO SEE THEM AGAIN

When you’re single you might have to go on a lot of dates before you find your eventual match. There are going to be a lot of potential dates out there who just aren’t going to to be a fit for you and you will need to let them down gently.

You could take a coward’s approach and go ghost on everyone that you’re just not into, however, the braver option would be to let the person know that even though they are not a match for you, they are still pretty awesome and have a lot to offer someone else.

One of my friends would always go on these horrible dates and tell me funny stories about the different guys she dated. Some of them were total losers, some were nice and some just were not a good match.

Sasha decided that she would treat every guy respectfully, even if she wasn’t into him. She eventually met a wonderful guy who she married and settled down with. It turned out that she had actually gone on a date with one of her husband’s friends before she met her husband in their small town. The guy actually told her husband what a nice girl she was.

It is never a bad thing to treat someone with kindness and let them down gently. Here are a few things that you can say to someone if you don’t want to go out with them again.

11 Best comebacks to let someone know that you’re not into them

1. I think you are a really lovely person, but I just did not feel that connection between us. I wish you the best of luck in your search.

2. I think you’re just great, but I’m not sure we’re a match.

3. I am sure you will make some girls/guys very happy.

4. You are nice, kind, smart, and not my type.

5. You are amazing but I am not feeling a romantic spark.

6. You seem very kind hearted but I don’t we are a great match.

7. I think we have very different goals an I wish you all the best.

9. I don’t want to lead you on, but I don’t think we’re suited.

10. Because I respect you so much, I need want to be clear with you and let you know that I don’t see us as anything more than friends.

11. I am not pursuing a romantic relationship at this point in my life. Although someone is going to be very lucky to have you.

How to let a person know that you're not into them

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