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How to answer will I see you again

Clever replies when someone asks if they will see you again

Have you ever met someone on a dating App and they’re good-looking, they seem nice but there’s just no chemistry? Unfortunately, they want to see you again, but you’re just not interested.

Let’s face it, you’re not going to want to have a relationship with every person that you meet online, but if you are very attractive, you may find you have more potential suitors than people you are into.

A friend of mine used to share her hideous dating stories where guys would be cheap, argumentative and downright jerks. I swear she went on over 50 bad dates and then one day, viola, she met the one. After three years of terrible dates, she was married and pregnant within a year in a half. In a sea of assholes, there are some really nice people out there, even if it doesn’tseem like it at the time.

Even though you may find someone a little horrifying as a potential romantic suitor, you probably don’t want to dump them in a mean way and make an enemy for life. You never know where you may run into someone again, at a job interview, spin class or your cousin’s wedding.

So before you go and break someone’s heart, it is probably best to break it off in a nice way when you turn them down.

When you’re date asks if they’re going to see you again, use one of our clever responses below.

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The Sunday after you see a purple pig playing the banjo....
The ball's in your court. Don't lose it.
The only thing I'm certain of in life is death and paying taxes.
Although it would be nice, not any time soon.
If your phone doesn't ring. That will be me.

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