Check out our clever replies when someone says YOU'RE FUNNY

Usually, if you are funny with quick wit you kind of know it. For some strange reason, it can still make you feel uncomfortable when someone points out how funny you. For once, you are left dumbfounded for words.

There is really nothing more attractive than a really funny person, except a really good looking funny person! If you have a great sense of humour you’ve kind of got it made.

Next time some hottie points out how funny you are, use one of our clever comebacks so you don’t appear big headed.

9 Best comebacks when people call you funny

1. You just noticed?

2. I am actually not funny. I am mean and people think that I am joking.

3. You forgot to mention good looking.

4. I am so glad you get my sense of humour. I think am funny but you make it official!

5. Thanks for noticing.

6. And I usually find I’m only funny around smart people. So thank you.

7. Are you saying I’m funny looking?

8. Thank you, I admire your ability with sarcasm.

9. Thanks for being such a great audience.


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Definition of being called a funny

We all have our types and preferences in everything including humour. Some concepts seem funny to us but not to others and vice versa. In the bigger picture, humour is also subjective. However, there are people who are effortless in being funny.

While humour is subjective, it’s actually very impressive when someone can make a person laugh effortlessly. Humour is also tightly related to intellect so funny people are also described as witty, and also become more attractive.

A funny person has the ability to tell jokes and stories in a creative way that makes it entertaining for listeners. They can incorporate creative techniques like wordplay, sarcasm, and irony, or use their body to do silly stuff.

An amazing sense of humour’s a valuable social skill that allows you to meet and make friends with people more easily. Being funny also saves you from awkward situations as it can help to break the ice and ease tension.

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Funny guy David Spade gets the girl

By dodge challenger1 – Image:David Spade

Funnyman, David Spade has certainly dated a few Hollywood stunners. Recently he has been dating Naya Rivera, 30, and in the past, he has been linked to Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson.

David Spade may not be a likely leading man but he certainly is a funny one. Having a great sense of humour is one of the top traits that woman find attractive, and David Spade is certainly proof of that.

Famous people who are known to be funny

Having humor and quick wit is valuable in the world of celebrities. When a famous personality is funny, they are more likely to make good connections and gather fans. There are many stars known for their humor and here are a few examples.

  1. Ellen DeGeneres: Ellen is one of the most famous hosts of all time because of her quick wit and playful personality. She has an ability to make people laugh which has earned her the label of being a funny person.
  1. Jim Carrey: Jim Carrey is well-known for a lot of his roles in flms. He’s famous for his physical comedy and his fexibility as an actor. He is very good at transforming himself into whatever role he’s assigned to. Most of his roles have a funny touch to them which suits him really well.
  1. Amy Poehler: The actress, comedian, and writer is best known for her improvisational skills and her sharp wit. She has an offbeat humour that entertains her viewers.
  1. Steve Carell: If you’ve watched Steve Carell in The Office then you can already tell that he’s funny. He is known for his deadpan humour and the roles he played in flms and shows. His comedic timing is brilliant which makes him a naturally funny person. His ability to make people laugh with his quirky characters and comedic timing is legendary.
  1. Tina Fey: Tina is also known for her sharp wit and her satirical humour. Her smart comebacks and irreverent comedy make up a large part of her brand of humour.
  1. Dave Chappelle: If you like stand-up comedy, you may have watched some of Dave Chappelle’s. This comedian and actor is known for his edgy humour. He does not shy away from controversial topics which is a unique point about his craft. He’s known for his unique perspective and comedic style.

There are still a lot of funny personalities and these are just a few examples of them. Perhaps you have your favorite comedic personality. What we find funny is totally up to our taste and preferences.

Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing with someone who calls you fake? Share them in the comments below.

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  1. If I got called funny I would say:

    Oh, I see you overheard me telling jokes to my friends today.

    (This comeback is good depending on whether you actually did that or not)

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