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What to say when someone stares at your chest

What to say when people start at your boobs

If you were blessed to be born with decent sized breasts you will have been ogled by a guy or two in your time. Women are used to guys staring at them, but when they overtly stare at your chest it can be a little creepy.

If you are wearing low cut tops and clothes to emphasize your curves than maybe you like the attention. Ladies who have beautiful bodies shouldn’t have to cover them up to avoid pervy men.

Whether you enjoy the attention or not, these comebacks will let the guy know you caught him staring. Using a comeback will let the guy know that it is not OK to openly google your breasts like your body is an amusement park attraction.

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My boobs really bring out your eyes.
Stop staring, you can't afford me!
Sorry, I just can't seem to stop my breasts from staring at your eyes.
It's OK to stare, that's why I got a boob job.
Are you drooling?


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Funny things to say when a guy STARES AT YOUR CHEST
what to say when a guy is staring at your chest

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