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There are haters everywhere, all over all the world. Anytime you step out of your comfort zone and do something 30 percent of people will like it, 30 percent of people won’t like it and 30 percent of folks won’t care. (Who knows what happened to the other 10 percent). I have experienced this with the web site, people hating on me for what I have created.

When some jerk mouths off, “I hate you!” you can either respond with a comeback or let it go because he might be part of the 30 percent of the hater population. If you are continually being picked on, you can use a comeback to let the person know that you are not a doormat who can be walked all over. Often after responding with a few comebacks, and making the bully look like a fool, they move on to another target.

Below we have some great comebacks for the haters in this world. Use your comeback and let them know that they can spread their hate elsewhere.

30 Best comebacks to I hate you

1. Then don’t join my fan club b*tch!

2. Like I care what you think.

3. A hater’s opinion, is like an expired coupon, it ain’t worth much!

4. It’s OK if you don’t like me, not everyone has good taste.

5. Haters are like crickets; they make a lot of noise you can hear but never see them, then you walk right by them and they’re quiet.

6. I make my haters, my motivators!

7. I consider you irrelevant anyway.

8. I guess now we have something in common.

9. I’m not sure why you think I care.

10. Good, I’m glad the feeling is mutual. So now, you can go away and waste someone else’s time.

11. Honestly, I don’t hate you. I don’t care about you enough to hate you.

9. My work here is done.

10. Welcome to the club.

11. Words can not express how little I care.

12. I’ll get over it.

13. Your feelings are irrelevant

14 Well, somebody’s got to.

15. Everyone knows that, tell me something I don’t know.

16. Of course you do.

17. Really? I had no idea. (said sarcastically)

18. Who are you again?

19. Honestly, I don’t hate you. I don’t care about you enough to hate you.

20. You mean nothing to me and I don’t care what you think of me.

21. That’s not my problem. I sleep well at night.

22. At least you think about me.

23. I’ll set some time aside to cry about it later.

24. I’ve never thought about you enough to like or dislike you

25. I think Despise is the word you’re looking for.

26. If you liked me, I’d be really worried about myself.

27. In order for you to insult me, I would first have to value your opinion

28. I’m sorry you feel that way.

29. Grab a number and get in line, then I’ll call your number when I’m ready.

30. Mission accomplished!


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Why do people say I hate you?

People will say “I hate you” to others for many different reasons. They could be upset, mad or disappointed about a situation or someone’s behaviour. The person may be expressing that they feel betrayed or wronged by another person.

People also say “I hate you” in relationships to make someone feel bad about something that they have done. It can be used as manipulation to get someone to make a person feel shame or guilt.

Words can be very powerful and hurt others, if someone has strong enough feelings about a situation to say, “I hate you” take a moment to reflect on the situation. Try to figure out why they are so angry and communicating in such a way. If you are in a unsafe situation, get to yourself to safety as soon as possible.

Dear haters, I am flattered that I'm a trending topic in your life

Taylor Swift was picked on by haters and mean girls at school

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift found herself suddenly unpopular in middle school when she was picked on by a group of mean girls. “Junior high was actually sort of hard because I got dumped by this group of popular girls,” the singer-songwriter, 19, told Teen Vogue  She said of the mean teens, “They didn’t think I was cool or pretty enough, so they stopped talking to me.”

Taylor liked a style of music that wasn’t popular where she lived, which gave the bullies another reason to single her out. “The kids at school thought it was weird that I liked country [music],” she says. “They’d make fun of me.” Taylor can look back on this time on her life with a positive perspective. She says, “Really, if I hadn’t come home from school miserable every day, maybe I wouldn’t have been so motivated to write songs. I should probably thank them!”

Read more about Taylor’s story

How to deal with a person who says I hate you

Dealing with someone who says “I hate you” can be difficult and emotionally challenging. Here are some tips on how to handle this situation:

Try to stay calm: Even if you are upset, try to remain calm and collected and keep your emotions in check. Sometimes when people make comments like that they are looking for a reaction from you.

Ask for some clarification: Try to bet a better understanding of why the person is so upset and saying “I hate you”. Tell they you want know why they feel that way, which will help you address the situation.

Express how you feel: Let the individual know with honesty that their words are affecting you. Try not be confrontational when talking about the situation.

Distance yourself: If you are dealing with an abusive person boundary up and let them know that you don’t tolerate abusive behaviour.

We don’t have control over what other people do, say or feel. We can control our response to them and we have a choice of who we spend time with.

Check out what to say when someone says that they hate you

The Role of counselling and self care

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When you are dealing with a person who says I hate you and you find it stressful, consider getting support from a professional. Talking to a counselor is a great way to work through a challenging situation, and help you find some strategies to work through the person’s behaviour.

Better Help is a great resource where you can talk to a counselor from the comfort of your own home. 

Taking care of your own needs isn’t selfish, and you will feel better in the long run.

Got any comments, questions or tips for when someone says “I hate you!”? Share them in the comments below.

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  1. Enemy: You are disgusting!
    Me: Not as disgusting as that face of yours!
    Enemy: So do you, but we never say anything.
    Me: Then learn the Alphabet.

  2. ooo
    when someone says im so much prettier than u..
    a pretty face is nothing if u have an ugly heart

    when someone says your stupid.
    thx, atleast the teachers give me my report card, i think they are too embarrased to give you yours though.

  3. You probably hate people cause you don’t have enough love to give (it means they don’t get much love)

  4. Here’s mine: Ya know, I don’t care if you hate me! All that’s gonna happen is you will go to the trash team and lose all your friends… Maybe you fon’t even HAVE friends!

  5. You can just say:
    1. I didn’t ask you if you like me, So yea why are you asking me this?
    2. It okay if You hate me, At least I was smarter than you

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