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How to answer when someone calls you two faced

How to respond when you are called TWO FACED

If someone calls you two-faced, they are saying that you are not trustworthy and could be a backstabber.

Maybe you act one way with one group of friends and one way with another group. Some people look for anything to criticize and will complain no matter what you do. You can’t be friends with everyone, so don’t waste your time trying to be.

Part of growing up is realizing that you need to behave in a civilized way and get along with people you may not necessarily like. That comes with the territory of being an adult. You need to suck it up and get along with the people you work with. You can’t have tantrums and ignore people you can’t stand. Real life doesn’t work that way, but some folks will call you two-faced when all you’re doing is acting like an adult.

The next time you are called two-faced, use one of our great comebacks and shut the person up.

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Being nice to people you do not like is not being two faced, it is called growing up.
If YOU ARE going to be two-faced at least make one of them pretty.
Your crazy is showing, you might want to tuck it back in.


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When people are two faced

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How to respond when you are called two faced

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