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What to say when someone says f*ck you!

Use these funny comebacks when someone tells you to fuck off. Check out our top ten comeback lists www.ishouldhavesaid.net

What can you say when some rude person blurts out, “F*ck you!” Yeah, it can be embarrassing if someone yells obscenities at you in front of a large group of people. How you respond will depend on who they are and how they said it. Obviously, they are upset about something, and they are not feeling particularly articulate.

The phrase “f*ck you” has a few different meanings:

  1. It can be used as an insult in a way to put down another person
  2. It can be an expression of sexual desire towards another individual.
  3. It can be a way to tell someone to leave or that you don’t like them.

If the person said that in front of a group of people and you are looking for a laugh, the comebacks below will work.

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Is that an invitation?
Right now? In front of all these people? OK.
Sure... But you have to buy me dinner first.
I would tell you to go f*ck yourself but I’m pretty sure you’d be disappointed.
Do you really think you can handle me?


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Funny replies when you are told to fuck off

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Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing for dealing with someone who says fuck you? Share them in the comments below.


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28 Responses

    1. When someone says something dumb and ignorant af
      You can say
      “Omg you have to show me how you do that ” then hopefully they’ll say something like “what are you talking about”(or something along those lines) then you say
      “You know you’ve got yup be flexible to get you head that far up you a$$

    1. You can say
      You:“Omg you have to show me how you do that”
      Them:what are you talking about”(or something along those lines)
      You:“You know you’ve got yup be flexible to get you head that far up you a$$

  1. I use this one a lot, works in a lot of scenarios!
    ‘Do you have anything better to do than making your personal goal to annoy the shit out of me?’
    I know it isn’t the best comeback…. but all my bullies left me alone after this

  2. F*** ME? YOU CANT AFFORD TO F*** me?
    Funny tho thats what your sister told me to do to her all night last night…
    Let that s*** burn let that ish burn ?????

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