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Top ten comebacks for pushy people

How to respond to a pushy person

We’ve all met the pushy person who keeps coming at you and won’t back off. Pushy people often miss social cues and are overly assertive about what they want, invading the personal boundaries of those around them. Pushy people can be exasperating and exhausting to be around.

People who really want something can be relentless. A family friend’s teenager kept demanding that his family send him on a trip to Europe with his grandma. Even though his parents had sent him on two school trips plus a US trip the previous year, he was obsessed with going to Europe and wouldn’t stop hounding his parents to pay for the trip.

Desperately needing a trip to Europe is definitely a First World problem. Tired of their son’s demanding and pushy ways, his parents told him that they would only pay if he raised $1,000 of the money himself.

You have no obligation to fulfill other people’s demands. When someone can’t respect your personal boundaries, you may need to take a break from the person for a while.

If the pushy individual doesn’t get the hint, here are some snappy comebacks you can use to get your point across.


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Top ten comebacks for pushy people

  1. What part of NO do you not understand?
  2. I never do X on days that end in “Y.”
  3. No means no, now let it go.
  4. You go girl! And don’t comeback!
  5. Hey, I found your nose. It was in my business again.
  6. Does your X pay you some sort of recruiting bonus or are you just this pushy normally?
  7. Did you mean to be so pushy?
  8. There will always be some that don’t understand the word “no.”
  9. Thanks for your 2 cents but I’ll give you a quarter to shut up.
  10. And now I’ll do what’s best for me.

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