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What to say to someone who makes snarky comments

How to respond when someone who makes rude remarks

When someone makes snarky remarks towards you it gets pretty old quickly. You can tell that the person has a problem with you, especially when they jump on everything single thing that you say.

It is not OK for someone to verbally bully you, at a certain point, you need to take a stand and let the person know that their behaviour is unacceptable. With family and work situations we have a lot to lose relationship-wise, so it can be better to respond with a smart but clean retort.

It’s true that you can choose your friends but not your family or workmates. Janice’s son in law was a smart ass, and he was incredibly rude towards her no matter what she said or did. At every family event he would shut her down publicly anytime she tried to engage in conversation with anyone at the table.

Janice decided to let him know she thought he was being rude, but she didn’t want to stoop to his level and create more issues within the family. The next time he made a snide comment towards her she politely put him in his place and repeated the process for the next three rude comments. By the end of the dinner, her son in law looked like the family jackass who was causing trouble anytime she spoke.


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You can’t control what other people do, however you can choose your reaction to it. Next time someone is making rude comments and snarky remarks towards you, shut them down with one of our great comebacks and come off looking like the good guy.

Top ten replies for someone who makes snarky comments

  1. Enough already with the snide comments.
  2. When you’re ready to talk to me respectfully, I will be ready to listen to you.
  3. Maybe you should look at how you are treating me before complaining how I react to you.
  4. OK, that’s enough sarcasm for one day.
  5. I am not sure if you are being funny or being a jerk.
  6. It was really hurtful when you called me X.  I need you to talk to me in a respectful manner.
  7. Maturing is realizing how many things don’t need a comment.
  8. It’s a beautiful day to leave me alone and stop making snarky remarks.
  9. If you can’t be kind be quiet.
  10. Life is funny… people will point out what’s wrong with you but they can’t see what’s wrong with themselves.
Oops, my bad. I thought I was dealing with an adult

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