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Funny replies when your family asks what’s for dinner

Funny replies when your family asks what's for dinner

When you’re a mom it feels like you are constantly cooking dinner for your family. Sometimes you can’t help but wonder why do they need to eat every night?

If the cooking is not bad enough, there are the fussy child demands of “I can’t eat that, the lasagna is disgusting.” Yeah, enough with the first world problems, at least you have dinner, unlike many children who go hungry every night.

If your family doesn’t appreciate your cooking and you get tired of hearing, “What’s for dinner?” you can use a few of these comeback lines for a laugh on the nights you want your family to get their own dinner.

5 best comebacks when someone asks what’s for dinner

  1. Your dinner is in the recipe book page 22. And the ingredients are at the store.
  2. The kitchen is closed due to illness. I’m sick of cooking!
  3. Tonight you get a choice of two house specials…take it or leave it!
  4. We have two dinner options in our house: eat it or starve!
  5. Annoying the cook may result in smaller portions.
When mom doesn't feel like cooking dinner

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when the kids keep asking what's for dinner


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2 Responses

  1. Child: What’s for dinner?
    Me: stuff
    Child:what is the stuff
    Me: food
    Child: what kind of food
    Me: food you eat
    Child: what is the food
    Me: It’s food. I literally just said it
    And so on

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