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A friend keeps sharing my personal information

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Ask Bryn

Hey Bryn, I need a comeback for a guy who keeps leaking my secrets 🙁

Larry, UK


Hey Larry,

It’s really horrible when you find out that someone you trust is sharing personal things about you. Hopefully he didn’t share anything too personal like your darkest and deepest secrets!

Here are a couple of things that you can say to get your message across loud and clear.

What to say when someone is sharing personal things about you

1. Just because you have the ability to open your mouth doesn’t mean you should. Stop telling people my personal information.

2. If you don’t shut your mouth, the next thing to come out of it will be your teeth. Stop sharing my business.

3. If you ran like your mouth you’d be in great shape. Stop telling people my personal shit.

4. I hope one day you choke on all that shit you talk. Stop telling my personal stuff to people.

5. You should introduce your lower lip to your upper lip sometime and shut up!  Stop talking about me.

Good luck!


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