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What to say when you are told to stop swearing

Clever replies when you are told not to swear

Some of you may have a problem blurting out bad language in inappropriate situations, like in front of your parents! Of course, you are going to hear from those around you that you should stop swearing.

We know it hurts when you stub your toe, but it isn’t really necessary to give an F-bomb laden response to everything?

Next time you are told off for using swear words, use one of our clever comebacks.

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Just pretend I have Tourette's.
You call them cuss words, I call them sentence enhancers.
If swearing is immature why is it called adult language?
Swearing after hurting yourself can reduce the pain of injury.
Profanity is the crutch of the inarticulate motherbucker.

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What to say when you are told not to swear


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6 Responses

  1. People telling me to mind my language are just being stupid. Oh please, sounds offend you now? If it’s the meaning behind the word, I get it, but there are words with even worse meanings and yet those words are socially acceptable and the sound of it isn’t censored on TV and stuff like that.

    1. Yeah exactly. Also how is a word bad if you aren’t using it in an offensive way? Also how can u change a single letter in a word and suddenly everyone is appalled? It’s just a word why does everyone freak out?!?! Plus it’s known to increase memory, vocabulary, pain tolerance, and bring friends closer .

  2. This is great! A whole comeback page to defend against my “friends” calling me out for swearing. And I know they swear themselves, so I can call them out on being hypocritical!

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