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What’s a good answer when a potential employer asks, ”What would your last boss say about you?” Of course, it depends if you really want the job or not. Below we have some funny answers that you can use in your interview.

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15 Best replies when you are asked what your last boss would say about you

1. ‘The office hasn’t been the same since [insert your name] left.’

2. I am hoping they’d say I’m irreplaceable, but I think they’d settle for ‘always brings in donuts and Fridays and is very punctual.’

3. They might say, ‘Demonstrated outstanding problem-solving skills, and occasionally demonstrated exceptional talent for office karaoke at the holiday party.’

4. They would probably say that ‘There was never a dull moment, but he did get so much work done in between the jokes.’

5. I think they’d probably sum it up with, ‘Fun member of the team, and always made tight deadlines.’

6. I think they’d say, ‘We’ll miss her humour, and the way she was such a team player.’

7. I’m pretty sure they’d say, ‘The office won’t be the same without [insert your name], but our productivity might improve.’

8. They’d probably say, ‘An incredible worker, but not the best at keeping his desk organized.’

10. I’m pretty sure they’d say, ‘I never knew that the office could be so organized until I met me.’

11. I think they’d say, ‘Consistently exceeded company expectations, need to figure out how to work the photocopier..’

12. He has a level of incompetence that we’ve not seen before.

13. He was somewhat useful at work but irreplaceable at happy hour.

14. May the bridges he’s burned light the way.

15. I see the f*ck up fairy has visited us again.

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Why do people ask what would you last boss say about you

During an interview people will often ask, “What your last boss would say about you?” The question is a way to determine your work attitude and how you interact with coworkers in a professional setting. It is a sideways question that you may have not prepared for, and they gain insights into your personality with your answer.

The questions also reveals some insight on what you think of your last manager. What you say, can determine if you had a positive or negative relationship with your manager or if there are any red flags.

The answer to what would your last boss say about you, provides them with an opportunity to understand how you view your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as how you handle feedback and criticism.

Overall, the question serves as a way for potential employers to evaluate your professional conduct and interpersonal skills.

When Jaxon was asked what would your last boss say about you in an interview he was caught off guard

Jaxon’s heart raced as the interviewer posed the unexpected question: “What would your last boss say about you?” Caught off guard, Jaxon hesitated, his mind racing to find the right words.

In a moment of unfiltered honesty, he blurted out, “Honestly, my boss got annoyed with me at times.” The admission hung in the air, and Jaxon’s mind raced with regret.

He quickly composed himself and continued, “But I’ve learned a great deal from those experiences. It taught me the importance of clear communication and managing expectations. I’ve worked hard to address those areas and improve my professional relationships.”

The interviewer nodded thoughtfully, impressed by Jaxon’s candid response. Instead of shying away from the uncomfortable truth, Jaxon had demonstrated maturity and a willingness to learn from past challenges.

As the interview progressed, Jaxon’s genuine self-awareness and determination to grow left a lasting impression. In the end, his honesty turned what could have been a stumbling block into an opportunity to showcase his resilience and commitment to personal development.

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Taking care of your own needs isn’t selfish, and you will feel better in the long run.

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