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What to say when your kid keeps asking you to find their stuff

Funny replies when your child asks you to find their stuff

When you signed up for parenthood you probably didn’t think that you would be spending a good chunk of your time hunting down shoes, socks and iPods for your children.

It can be frustrating to run a household where you are the only person who knows where anything is, and you spend your days picking up after others. I know some parents smartly remove access to the internet until their kid’s rooms have been cleaned, which motivates kids to clean up in a hurry.

Next time your kid complains they can’t find something, here are a few funny responses that might come in handy next time they want you to look for something.

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Best comebacks when your child loses something and wants you to find it for them

1. God created mothers so someone in this house would know where everything is

2. 90% of motherhood is spent looking for someone’s missing crap.

3. I am not just a wife and mother; I am an item location specialist.

4. You never know what you have…. until you clean your room.

When your kid keeps asking you to find their stuff
funny meme when your kids can't find stuff in their room

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