What to say when you are asked how you will handle another child

Expanding your family is usually a joyous occasion, most parents are thrilled when they find out that there is an addition to their family on the way. There is always a chicken little who likes to put a damper on any situation, they may ask, “How are you going to handle another child?” in a concerned way.

Maybe they are thinking back to when they had little kids with late nights and a lot of diaper changes. Perhaps they mean well, but is it really necessary for them to rub their own fear, doubt, and uncertainty all of you?

Don’t let someone and their negative point of view put a damper on your good news. Next time someone asks you how you will handle another child, smile and use one of our comebacks.

Best comebacks to how will you handle another child

1. Maybe we will sell our oldest kid on eBay.

2. Billions of women in history have survived it, and I’m pretty sure we will too.

3. Are you offering to come and help me around the house?

4. We’re giving this one to the system to make sure all those people stay employed.

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