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What to say if you’re called a workaholic

What to say when people call you a workaholic

If you enjoy working hard you may be accused of being a workaholic. Family members are usually happy when you earn a lot of money and can pay for all of the treats and vacations that they want,  but some times they don’t understand that there is a lot of work involved to pay for the lifestyle they want.

If you have a demanding job or you own your own business your own business you will face deadlines that you can’t get out of.

When you have deadlines and have to work late your family may start to complain that you are taking too much time away from them and say that you work too much. What they have to understand is that hard work is where all of the rewards that they enjoy come from.

If people are giving you a hard time for putting in so much time at work, use one of our clever comebacks next time they call you a workaholic.

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what to say when people call you a workaholic

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