What to say when people call you a workaholic

If you enjoy working hard you may be accused of being a workaholic. Family members are usually happy when you earn a lot of money and can pay for all of the treats and vacations that they want,  but some times they don’t understand that there is a lot of work involved to pay for the lifestyle they want.

If you have a demanding job or you own your own business your own business you will face deadlines that you can’t get out of.

When you have deadlines and have to work late your family may start to complain that you are taking too much time away from them and say that you work too much. What they have to understand is that hard work is where all of the rewards that they enjoy come from.

If people are giving you a hard time for putting in so much time at work, use one of our clever comebacks next time they call you a workaholic.

10 best comebacks if someone calls you a workaholic

1. I love what I do, and I feel like I have never worked a day in my life.

2. I am trying to fulfil my dreams and live a bigger life than I thought possible.

3. Guilty as charged! I guess I’ll take that as a compliment.

4. I do work a lot, but you’ve got to admit like you like the trips and the nice house.

5. There is nothing wrong with being passionate about what you do.

6. I would rather be known for working hard than being lazy.

7. I’m not a workaholic, I’m just preparing for being a future millionaire.

8. Yeah, you’re right. On one’s deathbed, nobody ever laments that they wish they would have worked more.

9. I’m just committed to my goals and ambitions.

10. I value your input. I am working on creating boundaries to ensure a more balanced lifestyle. Nothing is more important to me than my family.

definition of a workaholic

A workaholic is a person who is obsessively dedicated to their work and makes it priority over other aspects of their life. Workaholics work long and gruelling hours, often at the expense of family time, their health and self care.

Some people have a strong drive to succeed in their career or may even feel guilty when they are not working. The negative aspect of being a workaholic can lead to strained marriages and relationships with children, burnout, as well as having a life that is out of balance.

what to say when people call you a workaholic

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How to deal with being called a workaholic 

When someone in your life refers to you as a workaholic, you may want to take a moment to reflect on how happy you are with the amount of time that you are dedicating to your work. Step out of the day to day grind to determine if your habits are affecting your life balance and well being, or taking a toll on your personal relationships.

If you realize you have workaholic tendencies, you may wish to set some boundaries for personal time, and putting time to relax and rejuvenate on your calendar.

Consider asking the person who called you out for being a workaholic and if they have any concerns about your relationship. Sometimes small shifts can have a huge impact when we focus more time on our personal relationships.

It is admirable to be disciplined when it comes to work, but when most people look back at their lives most of their happiness comes from their relationships.

Jason’s family thought he was a workaholic

Jason spent long hours at the office, often missing family gatherings and special occasions. His family often worried about his health and well-being, wishing he would take more time for himself.

The truth is they couldn’t deny the benefits of his dedication. His successful company provided them with a comfortable lifestyle, allowing them to enjoy luxuries and opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise had. Despite their concerns about Jason’s work-life balance, they couldn’t help but appreciate the fruits of his labor.

As the years went by, Jason’s family began to understand the drive and passion that fueled his work ethic. They saw the long nights and early mornings he put in, the sacrifices he made to ensure the success of his company. While they still wished he would slow down and spend more time with them, they couldn’t help but admire his commitment and determination.

Despite his busy schedule, Jason made sure to provide for his family in every way possible. He ensured that they had everything they needed and more, from a beautiful home to memorable vacations. His hard work and dedication had not only created a successful business but also a life of comfort and security for his loved ones.

Jason’s family realized that while he may have been a workaholic, his efforts had ultimately provided them with a life they cherished. They learned to support him in his endeavors, knowing that his success was a reflection of his love and care for them.

The Role of counselling and self care

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When you are dealing with a person who calls you a workaholic and you find it stressful, consider getting support from a professional. Talking to a counselor is a great way to work through a challenging situation, and help you find some strategies to work through the person’s behaviour.

Better Help is a great resource where you can talk to a counselor from the comfort of your own home. 

Taking care of your own needs isn’t selfish, and you will feel better in the long run.


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