What to say when someone says THEIR LIFE IS SO HARD

We have all had a friend or know somebody who constantly complains and tells you how hard their life is but doesn’t do anything to change the situation. For most of us in the Western world life really isn’t so bad, did your parents cut off your limbs and send you off to the streets of Mumbai to beg? No, I didn’t think so.

Some folks just like to complain without taking any action. Sure, the first time you might offer a little sympathy and give the person some extra attention but after a while it gets to be an old story.

We all have a choice of how we live our life, you can sit at home and complain that your life is hard or you can get up and put one foot in front of the other and do something to change the situation. I don’t think that many people accomplished great things sitting on the couch watching Netflix.

If someone isn’t willing to put in the work to solve their problems, then the problem obviously isn’tworrying them all that much. Here are a few things you can say to give the person a wakeup call next time that they complain how hard their life is.


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10 Best replies when someone complains how hard their life is hard

1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through a challenging time right now. Do you want to share what has been upsetting you?

2. Many people feel overwhelmed at times, please remember that you are not alone. We are all here for you.

3. It’s true that life can be challenging when several, things go wrong at once, but you have strength and resilience. You’ve overcome obstacles in the past, and I know you will again.

4. I hear you that is a lot to process right now. If you feel like talking, please let me know and we can find a time.

5. Even though it feels like things can never get better remember darkness always comes before the dawn.

6. That is a lot of one person to deal with. It is OK to get help if you are struggling.

7. You are important and you matter. Don’t give up, please come over and let’s talk soon. I am always here to support you.

8. Stop complaining. Everyone who died yesterday thinks you’re one lucky son of a bitch.

9. The biggest disability is a negative attitude.

10. Life is like photography, you use the negatives to develop.

Change your mindset to improve your life

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Giannis Antetokounmpo had a hard childhood growing up in Greece

Giannis Antetokounmpo, the MVP basketball player known as the “Greek Freak,” faced significant challenges during his childhood in Greece. He is the son of Nigerian immigrant parents who had undocumented status and couldn’t legally work in the country, resulting in living a childhood of poverty.

These obstacles would have crushed other people, but Giannis showed remarkable unbelievable grit and determination, to use basketball as a ticket out of poverty, and to provide a better life for himself and his family.

Giannis and his brothers had to help their parents sell things on the beach and streets to be able to put food on the table. As immigrants, they faced racism and discrimination, but he didn’t stop and kept pursuing his dream of a better future.

He channeled his energy into improving at basketball and didn’t let his current circumstances define him. Word spread about a talented player in Athens and outs from the NBA started traveling to Greece to scout the player.

He was signed to the Milwaukee Bucks who supported him during his transition to life in America. He went on to help the Milwaukee Bucks win the NBA finals in 2021 by defeating the Phoenix Suns.

His difficult childhood taught Giannis not to give up on his goals, and that anything is possible with hard work and determination. Giannis Antetokounmpo’s story inspires many immigrants around the world, letting them know they can rise up from challenging situations and achieve greatness.

Funny replies when someone is going through a hard time

Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing with someone who says their life is too hard? Share them in the comments below.

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  1. – Well if your life was that hard you would do something about it and not just sit on the couch all day watching TV
    – please stop complaining please stop complaining please stop complaining oh have I mentioned please stop complaining thanks

    Hope you liked my ideas if you have an idea please comment I’d love to see some more comebacks!
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