What to say when you are asked why you didn't do your homework

Almost every student on the planet has had a moment when they were just not able to get their homework done for whatever reason. You’re busy, we get it, parents and teachers may not always appreciate how busy your life can be and that you may not feel like buckling down and doing the work. Sometimes teenagers and kids need a day off!

Next time they tell you off because you didn’t do your homework use one of our funny excuses.

If you can think of an even better comeback let us know.

Best comebacks when someone asks why you didn’t do your homework

1. I let my mind wander and it got lost.

2. Why am I getting in trouble for something I didn’t do?

3. It is only a day late, if there is an infinite amount of time in the universe, then a day divided by infinity is nothing, so it’s actually on time.

4. I didn’t do it because I didn’t want to add to my teacher’s already heavy workload.

5. Dear homework, you are unattractive, therefore I cannot do you.

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When you copy someone's homework it's teamwork.

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Got any comments, questions or tips when someone asks why you didn’t do your homework. Share them in the comments below.

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  1. This iS a good answer
    Goverment scientists have taken it away as they thing i may have figured out how to cure cancer!

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