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Funny answers when people ask when you are going to settle down

Funny replies when someone asks when you are going to settle down. Check out our top ten comeback lists at www.ishouldhavenet.net.

Not everyone wants to settle down and start a family, for some reason when you get to a certain age that’s what society expects of you.

All of a sudden, everywhere you go you start getting bombarded with questions from family and friends, like do you have a girlfriend, and why are you still single?

Some folks don’t seem to understand that people no longer get married at 20 years of age, in many urban centres where the cost of living is extremely high, people are putting off marriage until their late twenties.

What is expected of people in their twenties has changed, the twenties are now considered a time of exploration instead of commitment. Instead of marrying the first decent person who comes along, many singles are playing the field and checking out what’s out there.

Instead of starting a family at 21 years of age, you see people in their twenties living abroad, getting their advanced degree and even starting businesses.

Maybe you’re a diehard bachelor or bachelorette and that’s OK too. Next time you are being given a hard time for not settling down, use one of our fun comebacks.

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Why would I make one girl miserable, when I can make so many women so happy?”
I just like sex way too much to have to give it up.
Well, With depreciating assets, I prefer to lease.
Why should I buy a house for a woman I don’t like?
Marriage can be a fine institution, but I’m not ready for an institution.
My mail order bride hasn’t arrived yet.

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