Clever replies when you are told to shut up

When you are having a discussion, and trying to argue your point or explain something to somebody it can be beyond annoying when they tell you to shut up. Usually, the person who told you to shut up thinks that their gibberish is much more important than yours, and they continue talking trying to explain your point.

If you do have a tendency to ramble on forever and you don’t realize it, maybe you want to listen the next time someone tells you off.

If you want to let the person know that you are not OK with their attitude, use one of our clever comebacks.

Go ahead, and tell us what you think, and vote for the best answer! If you can think of an even better answer, do share in the comments below!

Best comebacks when you’re told to shut up

1. I will not be silenced.

2. I’m sorry but I did not order a glass of your opinion.

3. Cool story bro. In what chapter do YOU shut up?

4. That’s right, you cannot shut your mouth. How will all that hot air escape?

5. Thanks, but I function better without unsolicited advice.

It is shocking when someone tells you to shut up

Getting told to shut up can be shocking, especially if it comes about unexpectedly or from someone you care about. It can sting and make you feel as though your thoughts are unimportant. It’s very typical to be surprised or upset when this occurs. Your emotions are valid.

But here’s the trick: don’t take it personally. People say things for various reasons, and it’s not always about you. Maybe they’re having a difficult day or struggling with something personal. It doesn’t necessarily imply that they dislike you.

How to deal with someone telling you to shut up

Dealing with someone who tells you to “shut up” can be tricky, but keeping your cool and treating the person with care is essential. Here’s how to deal with this kind of conversation:

  1. Keep your cool: Take a deep breath and remain calm. It’s normal to feel hurt or upset when someone tells you to be quiet, but responding with anger or violence could worsen the situation.
  1. Consider the situation: Think about what was said and who said it. Was it said in the heat of an argument, in a casual chat, or as a joke? Getting a sense of the situation can help you decide what to say.
  1. Express Your Feelings: Tell them how their comment made you feel in a cool and direct way. Use “I” words to show your feelings without pointing fingers or making accusations. For example, you could say, “I felt hurt when you told me to shut up.”
  1. Time to Disconnect: If someone is rude or ignoring your concerns, it might be best to disengage from the discussion or remove yourself from the situation. Sometimes, taking a little breather and prioritizing your emotional well-being is okay.

Remembering how you respond when someone tells you to shut up can reveal a lot about your maturity and emotional intelligence. Responding with respect and assertiveness can work like magic to ease tension and make our conversations more fruitful.

Check out what to say when people tell you to SHUT UP

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Taking care of your own needs isn’t selfish, and you will feel better in the long run.

Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing with people who tell you to shut up? Share them in the comments below.

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        1. Ok here is one they totally forgot that’s extremely good and makes sense here it is…
          I don’t know how to shut up can you show me an example
          Not trying to brag but this is one of my best roasts yet :).

    1. Hate that saying. My friend is really annoying, and I tell her to shut up, and she says, “Make me.” Which really annoys me. I wouldn’t do that. ‘Cause I’d tackle her down to the floor, and get what she deserves.


      1. Why is she your friend if she keeps saying “Make me” after you tell her to shut up? Is she toxic?

    2. Your name is spelled the same way mine is, Cloe!!!!! Finally, I am not the only one!!! Sorry, really excited.

      1. If someone said that to me I would say
        “God gave you ONE of these *point to mouth* and TWO of these *point to ears* for a reason”

    3. Yeah but everyone says that. Its not really new and besides saying that to certain people will get you punched lol. You don’t want that sis

  1. I don’t shut up. I grow up, and your ugly ass face makes me want to throw up! (Credit to owner)

  2. No. If i was meant to be quiet, i would have a zipper attached to my mouth. Though you could use one.

  3. My reply to the statement (Shut up) mentioned above will be :- Am afraid, am not wearing a shirt ?.

  4. Reply 1: I’m not a door so I can’t shut up
    Reply 2: Only someone stupid would say shut up because they are so dumb they can’t even think of something better than shut up

  5. If someone told me to shut up i would say ‘Firstly, you have no way of making me shut up. Secondly, if I obeyed the command of every idiotic troll on the internet, you wouldn’t be here talking to me now. Yet another idiot that talks before they think, that opens their trap and comes up with yet another reason why people are stupid.’

  6. What about…

    A diaper should be put on your face, ’cause that’s where the crap is coming from.


  7. I was singing along to a song at karaoke in a pub when this gay guy shouted shut up to me at least 3 times!!! His friend whisked him away and apologised to me. mind you on my go I did sing #Man in the mirror# by Michael Jackson and #(You make me wanna) Shout# by Lulu. Being female I didn’t want to inflame the situation because he seemed to want to hit me so I drank up and left! But usually in response to being told to shut up or ‘f-off I would simply say “You first”.

  8. 1) Do you want me to shut up because you’re to slow to comprehend what I’m saying? 2) I think if you feel the need to tell someone what to do you should get a girlfriend/Boyfriend.

  9. Yea my teacher is rude and she says “shut up” to people. So if anyone is reading this, please reply a comeback to a teacher????

    1. Mrs/Ms. (teacher’s name) I’m sorry, but I don’t believe you have a right to talk to students like that. You’re a adult and you should be a role model, but you’re out here telling children to shut up. You don’t have the right to be so discourteous/impolite/ill-mannered/bad-mannered. If anything I suggest you to take some of your own advise and listen to what you say.

  10. If someone told me to shut up I would say “well what is soooooo important that I have no right to speak at the moment is a famous person speaking or do you want people to feel bad about something that happened to you. Oh and this one to “ok if something is so important that I have to shut up then maybe you might learn to shut it to

  11. if someone says “make me” say “make me make you” they’ll be surprised and confused. Then say “Mission Accomplished” quietly.

  12. I would’ve said, “Oh I’m sorry, but I don’t believe I take orders from a brainless idiot, and if my voice bothers you so much there is something called ignoring I suggest you try that. If that doesn’t work I think you should move away from me like 10 miles away. If that still doesn’t work than you could’ve said it in a more polite way, but then I realized you’re a rude, immature, and brainless child, so you can’t. Now, thank you for wasting my time I will be continuing my day. :))

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