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What to say when people ask if you are having a second child

Clever replies when people ask when you are having a second child

After your child turns one it seems like everywhere you turn you are asked, “Are you having a second child? When are you going to give your child a sibling?” It seems like everyone from your hairdresser to your second cousin once removed just won’t leave the topic of having a second child alone.

Why do so many people make such a big deal about having an only child, after all, It’s really not a crime to have a singleton? It is kind of a strange question to ask, considering 30 percent of families now only have one kid.

Some parents prefer having one for many different reasons, cost of living, being able to provide more opportunities for your child, travel and the logistics of a busy life. It’s also a little easier to maintain your sanity with one child.

Really, you shouldn’t have to explain your reasons why to anyone. If you want to let people know you are perfectly happy with your one child family, try a few of these fun responses and they won’t ask you again anytime soon.

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Got any comments, questions or tips for dealing for dealing with someone who asks if you are going to have another child or give your kid a sibling? Share them in the comments below.


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