Check out what to say when someone asks if your adopted children are really brothers.

When your children are adopted, people often make ignorant comments like, “Are your kids really brothers?” If two kids are raised together in the same family, then they are siblings, end of story. For many children, their adopted family is all they have ever known.

Some people go on and on about a blood relatives but the truth is that many biological siblings don’t get a long or have anything in common. Being born into a biological family isn’t a guarantee of a perfect fairytale family.

Next time someone asks if your adopted children are really siblings, use one of our great comebacks and shut them up for good.

what you think is the best comeback.

Best comebacks when people ask if adopted siblings are really siblings

1. No, they’re really sisters!

2. All my six children all have different fathers!

3. They are now!

4. Well, they all seem real enough to me, how about you?

5. Our boys are in the same family, so of course they are really brothers.

6. Is there any other kind?

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