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Funny replies to are those children all yours

Funny replies when people ask the mom of a large family if all the kids belong to her

Are those children all yours is such a crazy question to ask a mother, it’s not like a mom is going to take eight children out grocery shopping just for fun! It’s the kind of question that deserves a sassy answer.

When you are the parent of a large family, you know that any time you leave the house people are going to stare at your family as if you are some kind of circus act. After a while, you get used to all of the attention, and it’s a given that strangers are going to ask the usual inquisitive and sometimes downright rude questions. Instead of getting annoyed by the
interest in your large family, it is better to have a bit of laugh with the people who ask the questions.

Parents of smaller families are always shocked to find out how many kids you have, probably because they find it challenging getting out the door with two kids small kids, let alone nine. It is hard not to imagine that moms of large broods are some kind of superheroes for pulling it all off.


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When people make it sound like you’re crazy for having such a large family it can be insensitive, especially when said in front of your little darlings. After all, each child is a gift, people who have large families love kids, why do you think we have them!

Next time someone asks if, “Those children all yours?” and you want to have a bit of fun, use one of our clever comebacks. Of course, it will depend on who’s doing the asking, but go ahead, tell us what you think is the best answer.

Comebacks when people ask if all the children are yours

  1. No, some of them are stragglers we found in the grocery store.
  2. No, eight more are running around somewhere in the store. Want to help me round them up?
  3. We have 6 children because we didn’t want 7.
  4. This is what happens if you read The Joy of Sex a few too many times!
  5. We’ve been doing the same thing everyone else has, we just have something to show for it.
When you have a large family you see the difference between boys and girls

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