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Top ten comebacks for people with rude children

What to say to the parent of a brat

We have all seen them—bratty kids, whose parents will not step up and tell their kids to behave. It is not the child’s fault. They are too young to understand or have not been taught how to behave.

Parents need to teach their kids to respect other people’s space and boundaries. We live in a civilized society, but you wouldn’t know it when you see how some kids behave with they are out and about.

A mother I know was at the park. Jules ran into another family who attended the same school as her kids. The mother was really nice. She had a good professional job and seemed switched on until it came to her kids. Two of her kids were throwing rocks at a toddler. She saw it and did nothing to stop their behaviour. Jules finally said, “Aren’t you going to tell them to stop throwing rocks?” The children were being taught by their parents that it was OK to behave like savages.

Here is a top ten list of snappy comebacks that you can use on parents of rude children. These comebacks are light enough that the person will still speak to you afterward. It’s best to say these comebacks in a joking way with a smile on your face.


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Top ten comebacks for people with rude children

  1. Do not handicap your children by making their lives too easy.
  2. If Helen Keller could be taught manners, what’s wrong with your kids?
  3. When I was I kid, we didn’t have behavioral disorders. It was called being a brat.
  4. Your kid makes me want to OD on birth control.
  5. Call me when your kids have grown and you’re an empty nester.
  6. I’m sorry your kids were born normal but have been turned into brats by bad parenting.
  7. Spare the rod and end up with a spoiled brat with a sense of entitlement that demands instant gratification.
  8. Your kid is NOT tired or hungry. Your kid is a little brat and you’re responsible.
  9. You should quarantine the kids to their bedrooms…they have obviously been infected by the ‘brat’ virus.
  10. Everyone talks about leaving a better planet for the kids. Let’s try to leave better kids for our planet.

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